0831 What card, what number.  Which provider, which operator?
0831 What card, what number. Which provider, which operator?

0831 What card, what number. Which provider, which operator?

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August 1, 2022

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For some people, what is the 0831 card number, what is the service provider, the operator that is often the question when an unknown number calls or sends an SMS to the currently used mobile phone number. Therefore, it is very important to know the card number 0831.

In Indonesia itself, there are many telecom network operators available, ranging from Telkomsel, Indosat and XL. Hub, Smartfreen and many more. With so many network operators, of course, there will be more prefix numbers available on each card.

You all should know, what card 0831 is part of the prefix code that acts as the phone number identity. The hope is that by using this prefix number, users can easily select a number from any operator.

So it is normal for many users of telecom networks to get confused when one day someone calls or sends an SMS using an unknown number, because there are a lot of prefix codes for Indonesia.

So, for all of you who want to know the 0831 card number and what is the provider and operator, there is no need to worry. Because in this discussion, fieldstekno.com will explain in detail some of the above things clearly below.

0831 What card

No. 0831 What is the card?

As I mentioned before, you may have all been called or you may have been texted by someone the prefix number is 0831, but the problem is that you don’t know which operator the number is coming from.

In that case, I’m sure you’ll want to call him back, because there may be important things to tell you. But before calling this number it is good to know the 0831 card number and from which provider.

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This is very useful for estimating the cost of the calls you will make later. Because if you call a number different from the operator you are currently using, the effect will be a very large expense.

If you know the 0831 card number, then, of course, the first thing you will do is register a call package for all telecom network operators. So that later you can save on credit and you can be comfortable communicating.

Then what is the card number 0831? You all should know that 0831 is an Axis card now joined by a major provider, XL. The axle with the prefix code 0831 from the operator Nantrindo Axis. In addition to having the prefix code 0831, Axis also has another code, 0838.

I mean now you are no longer confused about the 0831 card, what provider and from which operator. By knowing the 0831 number, you can call the number at any time with a phone call and you can also estimate the cost of the call.

0831 Which card from which region?

No. 0831 what card

Another question that users of the telecom network frequently ask is the number 0831 from which region? You all should know that Axis cards have now spread all over Indonesia, since every region produces Axis cards for sure.

To find out which region the 0831 cards belong to, there are two ways you can do it. The first is to look at the code or number after the 4-digit number in the beginning, which is 0831. Area codes usually consist of 2, 3 to 4 different numbers.

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In addition to the above method, you can also find out 0831 from which area you can see it in the Card Packaging section when purchasing an Axis card at the counter or at many outlets that offer different types of starter packs and one of them is Axis.

You can see the hub card space on the packaging or the card sleeve usually on the front. Yes, although not all hub cards display the region name on each card, because there are actually some hub cards that don’t have the region name.

To make it easier for all of you to know the 0831 card and from which area. Below I’ve summarized the full data from the region, and the area code along with the factors used in the table below.

region code area operator or operator
Banda Aceh 083189 natrendo axis
Lhokseumawe 083188 natrendo axis
Kabanca 083191 natrendo axis
While 083198 natrendo axis
Pematang Syantar 083196 natrendo axis
New week 083186 natrendo axis
Batam 083183 natrendo axis
Padang 083181 natrendo axis
Dumai 083185 natrendo axis
high mountain 083180 natrendo axis
Gamby 083171 natrendo axis
Palembang 083177 natrendo axis
For example, Muara 083176 natrendo axis
Bandar Lampung 083170 natrendo axis
Kutabumi 083169 natrendo axis
Pasuruan 0831551 natrendo axis
Malang 08315 natrendo axis
surabaya 083159 natrendo axis
surabaya 083158 natrendo axis
surabaya 083157 natrendo axis
surabaya 083156 natrendo axis
surabaya 083155 natrendo axis
surabaya 083154 natrendo axis
surabaya 083152 natrendo axis
surabaya 083151 natrendo axis
surabaya 083150 natrendo axis
surabaya 083150 natrendo axis
surabaya 08315 natrendo axis
surabaya 08314 natrendo axis
surabaya 08313 natrendo axis
surabaya 08312 natrendo axis
surabaya 083119 natrendo axis
surabaya 083118 natrendo axis
surabaya 083117 natrendo axis
surabaya 08311 natrendo axis
surabaya 08310 natrendo axis
Mataram 083129 natrendo axis

Axis Card Advantages

0831 What card?

Each telecom operator, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages in addition to the hub card. With these advantages and disadvantages, of course, it can be a reference for each user in choosing a network operator.

Axis offers many options for cheap packages with a fairly stable internet connection. What’s more, at this time, the Axis card supports 4G LTE network which is currently covered almost in all regions in Indonesia, especially in remote villages.

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In addition to the cheap internet package prices, Axis often carries many internet package offers for its loyal users. This show is held twice a week. And specifically on Wednesday in the name of RAWIT, which means Wednesday Efficiency,

Then, every Friday with the promotional name, Good Friday. This internet package offer offered by Axis will of course be very useful for those of you who are into social media gaming but want to be economical in using their quota.

Now for those who are currently confused about choosing a network provider, if you have a cheap package rate, a stable internet connection and you have many great promotions, then perhaps the Axis Card is the right choice for you.


This was the debate about which card number 0831 was? What number, which provider and which operator? By knowing some of the explanations I gave above, of course, it will let you all know that 0831 is the card number.

So this time the discussion, I hope it will be very useful to all of you and don’t forget to share it with your social media, so that other users can know some of the things I mentioned in the above discussion. Thank you

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