10 Recommended Computer Audio Editing Apps for Beginners and Professionals
10 Recommended Computer Audio Editing Apps for Beginners and Professionals

10 Recommended Computer Audio Editing Apps for Beginners and Professionals

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PC audio editing apps are currently one of the most sought after. Especially now that it’s made audio notationAnd the voiceAnd other audio content is greatly improved. Many people have started creating audio content for social media, joining trends, or just sharing a hobby.

Well, for those who need an audio editing app on PC, it’s a good idea to listen to the recommendations first before getting started Download. Starting with apps with features and Tools The easy stuff for beginners, and the more complicated stuff for professionals, it’s all here.

1. Wave plate

wave plate

The first recommended audio editing app on PC is WavePad. This application is available for all types of Windows, including XP and Vista. Mac users can also use this app.

With this application, you can edit audio, including cut and perform split. In addition to that, there are also many sound effects that you can use. Features included Noise reduction which can eliminate the noise.

WavePad’s appearance is also very simple Tools Which is easy, even beginners can use it easily. This app too the support Almost all types a file Music including FLAC, AAC, and real sound. While the size of this application is only 3 megabytes.

2. Audacity


It’s totally an audio app for PC recommended is the audacity. With this application you can do audio editing and make recordings.

Audacity is an app open source Which the support For all types of operating systems including Linux. This app is freely available for all operating systems, only 34MB in size.

With this app, you can edit your audio and make it more clear. The appearance of this app is also simple so it is easy to use. This application is suitable for beginners who are learning audio editing.

3. Ocenaudio

Free audio editing app for PC

Those of you who are learning audio editing can give Ocenaudio a try. This app is a special audio editing app for Windows. Ocenaudio is available for free with a simple and easy to use interface and the size is 53MB.

The features in this app are quite complete, you can do audio editing like delete, cut, etc. One of the conveniences of this app is that you can do the editing for every section you want.

But you have to keep checking Modernization Latest from this app. This app keeps improving itself to provide a more enjoyable audio editing experience.

4. sounding


I do not want Download Audio editing app because your PC specs are still low? Don’t worry, you can use Soundation which is a computer audio editing app Online.

With Soundation, you don’t need to download the app because you can edit the audio directly Online. You just need to make sure your internet is stable so you can edit audio smoothly.
This application can not only cut audio, but also perform pruning on your sound. You can also add effects disappear And the Eroded On the sound, you can even do it mix over here. To do audio editing in Soundation, you can do it here.

5. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

One of the most complete and complete video and audio editing applications on PC recommended It is Adobe Audition. Adobe is one of the most complete editing applications, including audio and video editing.

With Adobe Audition, you can do editing, including doing Restores Increase the volume. Adobe has also completed its implementation with Tools Record can help you record live audio.

You can use this app for free with the mode Experience Which has a size of about 200 megabytes. However, to get the full features, you can purchase this app. An Adobe Audition subscription costs about $20 per month.

6. Qtractor


More apps open source For audio editing, it is Qtractor. This app is an audio editing app that can also be used to create simple music. In this app available MIDI observer for remix Music.

With Qtractor, you can edit audio including adding sound effects. However, to use this application, you need to study it in more detail because it is very difficult for beginners to use.

Apart from this, this app is among the best apps that provide many features for audio editing. Those who want to become a professional in audio editing can try using it. The size of this application is about 200 MB.

7. Power Sound Editor is free

audio editor

The second best audio editing app on PC is Power Sound Editor Free. As the name suggests, this app is freely available for all types of operating systems.

One of the advantages of this app is the simple visualization that makes it easy to use. With this app, you can also record audio in high quality. This app also supports audio extraction and editing via live video.

Another thing that makes this app different from others is the presence of features Rip and Burn Audio CD. With this feature, you can directly input audio onto a CD in different formats. The size of this application is only about 3 megabytes.

8. Nero WaveEditor

Free audio editing software

Nero is known as an app for burning DVD or CD right? Nero has now introduced a free PC audio editing application, Nero WaveEditor.

This application is designed for you for beginners who are just learning audio editing. With a simple appearance, this application is very easy to use for you. You can use files Tools readily available.

You can use Nero WaveEditor on all types of Windows operating systems. In fact, this app is also available in 16 selected languages, including Indonesian. The size of this application is also not very big, only 3MB, of course suitable for computers with low specifications.

9. Audio tools

audio tool

This Audiotool app includes an audio editing app Online without the need for installation. Audiotool is DAW or digital audio workstation Which you can access for free. You only need to register with an email address to do the editing.

With this application, you can not only edit the audio, but also communicate with many musicians in the world. Even your audio editing can be right on you Download And get a lot of fans.

The app also lets you mix audio from around the world, and even use other people’s voice to bring it into your own voice. Fabulous, isn’t it? To use this application you can register directly here.

10. FL Studio

FL . studio

FL Studio audio editing PC application is a paid application that is in great demand. Although it is paid, many people download this app because of its very complete features. FL Studio is also commonly used by musicians to compose music.

With FL Studio, you can perform audio editing by adding tools, effects, and even use Playlist Already available to suit your sound.

You can get this application for free in the form of Experience. FL Studio already the support For Windows and Mac, the size is 800MB.

The list of recommended PC audio editing apps has many features. You can choose one or maybe use some of these audio editing apps. In selection, you can also adapt to your computer’s capacity and your own editing needs.

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