11 Best Cool Offline Games That Don’t Need Internet
11 Best Cool Offline Games That Don’t Need Internet

11 Best Cool Offline Games That Don’t Need Internet

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This article is taken from the source of the top 11 offline games, great, no internet needed, with the original page on Android, so don’t forget to read it on the official website.

Best offline games? Of course, this is what everyone is always looking for to get rid of boredom when we don’t get internet. And we will try to review some games that do not require an internet connection to be able to play, of course, we sort them and make a list of the best games that you can play.

Offline games are the right choice to save data quota, apart from of course those offline games that can be played at any time even if the device runs out of internet data, not to mention online games that usually only spend money, like ordering Money in games such as participation in gacha events.

The best offline games can be played on a variety of devices including Android, iOS, and PC users. In addition, you can choose the type of game you want to play including Adventure, War, MOBA, and Casual. Now to know the list of best offline games, check out the ratings that we are going to give below:

List of Best Offline Games for Android and PC

Cyberpunk 2077 movie

The best offline games
Image credit: cyberpunk.net

This game is set in the year 2077, many people in that year were obsessed with being immortal or called immortal, immortal meaning never die because the characters have advantages in their members.

To play this unique game, you are required to have an adventure looking for organ transplant to survive. Of course, it is not easy to imagine, there will be obstacles, but of course this is the challenge that makes this best game so enjoyable to play.

In Cyberpunk 2077, you will also get a very cool battle scene, where players have to make strategies and improve their abilities in this game.

Offline game Terbaik – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The best offline games
Image credit: ubisoft.com

If you want the best open-world concept game, then Assassin’s Creed can be your choice, and this game is also relatively new to release its latest version in 2020. In the game, you will be presented with the ocean as the location of a pirate who roams in search of enemies.

The open world concept makes this game offer a very good experience, because players can explore different areas and meet many opponents to get items and prizes, of course every journey there will be an interesting challenge of course.

Take it easy, this game can be played offline, although this game also requires an internet connection to purchase certain items to get updates, but it’s not really very big.

Best Offline Games Asphalt 8

The best offline games
Image credit: gameloft.com

The second best offline game for Android users is Asphalt 8. This game is a racing genre which is definitely a lot of fun to play, in the game, players can go through the missions that need to be completed to earn money for modifications and to buy other cool cars.

What you need to pay attention to is when downloading ASplhalt 8, because in the beginning, you need to have a stable Internet with a large amount of quotas. But the rest you can play for free, although there is some premium content that requires players to pay for it.

Watch Dogs Corps

The best offline games
Image credit: ubisoft.com

If you are a player who loves the world of IT, Wacth Dogs Legion is on the ranks of the best offline games that you must play. This game is developed by Ubisoft developers with the theme of hacking where players have to get into the system to carry out attacks.

In the game, you can choose the main character, there is an old-looking grandmother and many other characters that you can use.

Watch Dog Legion has an open theme so that anyone can play according to their preferences. There are also many tools used for hacking, so one task can be done repeatedly in different ways.

bad land

The best offline games
Image credit: badlandgame.com

Badland is a simple offline game in which the game only moves the winged feather ball to avoid obstacles. You can raise and lower them and jump to avoid them. Don’t be happy just because the obstacles will get heavier along the way, which is the challenge, of course.

Another obstacle you will find robots and monsters that will chase and destroy the things in front of them. You can play this game for free without internet. Interestingly, to make the game more exciting, you can buy a certain number of items that are sold online through in-app microtransactions.

Grand Theft Auto V

Best offline GTA games

Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V is the best offline game ever, this game is very popular because it can be played on different game consoles, including Android phones. Like previous GTA games, what is done here is related to the criminal world. You can perform missions to kill someone, rob a store or even rob them.

Then, there are several characters that can be played here and they are related to each other. Take it easy my friend, you only need internet quota when you download the game, the rest you can play offline.

Shadow Fight 2

If you are looking for an offline game with fighting genre, then Shadow Fight 2 might be your best choice. This game introduces the main character and the enemy who does not appear, the player will see a black shadow in a fight with the weapon he uses.

In the gameplay, you have to adjust your tactics so as not to get hit and pacify the enemy. Muster the ability to repeatedly attack the enemy because that is the reason the opponent dies and wins the match.

Axe: Shadows Die Twice

The best offline games
Image credit: sekirothegame.com

Another option for offline fighting games is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this game has a Japanese theme that offers samurai weapons that will be used by the main players. Players will be given a mission to defeat the enemy until they are all gone.

But do not take it too seriously, because the enemies that appear are not easy to beat, they have fast movements and are difficult to fight. Tips to win a fight is to learn to get used to the moves and be patient.

The battle modes you already know will make the game easier, and it will be easier to beat difficult enemies.

infinity ring

Have you ever played a pipe connecting game on your PlayStation 1? If you’ve played it before, it’s not much different from Infinity Loop. The difference is that this game has many long loops and turns. Your job is to wire all these components together so that they are connected and no parts left or opened, and still confused? Friends can watch the video game play we have included.

Although it looks very simple, it turns out that this game requires high concentration and huge imagination. This way, you can connect all the parts easily and nothing will be left.

Offline Terbaik – Minion Rush game

The second best offline game is Minion Characters game. Of course, if you are a fan of the character, it is definitely necessary to play it. The developer of this game has made the concept of minion to run or run to get some items to chase victory.

You don’t need an internet connection to play it, in the game there will be some content available which is definitely fun to play. What is interesting is that players can collect Minion clothes and skins which are definitely very entertaining. Before playing it, please see the Minion Rush play that we have installed above.

We’ve also covered a list of light laptop games and a list of computer games with the gardening genre.

Maine Craft

Minecraft the best offline games

The second best offline game update, which is already massive, is Minecraft! Yes, this offline game is very popular because there are many YouTubers playing this one game.

The unique characters and different gameplay make Minecraft attractive to all ages and types, young and old even love to play this one game. Because in this game players can build whatever they want.

Besides, you can also play this game on potato mobile even on 3M or cheaper mobile smoothly, but unfortunately this game is paid.


The best offline games inside

Called Inside, the next best popular offline game is a horror genre game that can be quite surprising for the players.

So, if you are a fan of horror games, you must try this offline horror game, because this game is similar to Limbo.

Game play, you have to follow the adventures of a kid in a very mysterious, dark and stressful area. curious? Just play it.

The last word

Hence check out the list of the best offline games. Whatever type of Android, iOS or PC game you play offline, there are many things to keep in mind. Ensure that the game always gets updates from the developer.

In addition, the games are downloaded through official sources and hacking or modifying features can be avoided.

For girlfriends, you can read our article about popular girl games that are very interesting.

This article is taken from the source of the top 11 offline games, great, no internet required, with the original page on Android, so don’t forget to read it on the official website.

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