11 Best Lightweight Online PC Games of 2021 and 2GB RAM

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when you hear the word Game Online computerThe first thing that comes to mind is a file Game High graphics that can only be played with specifications computer long. But did you know, if there are many Online computer game Light download and undownloadable can try it?

Of course, this can be an alternative for those of you who want to try playing the game Online computer game Free, but specs computer Owned is still not eligible. so what game game what is the point? Check the recommendations made cash Summarized by several sites Online computer game The light below.

Best online lightweight PC game recommendations

Despite the specifications computer The demand is not too high, but it is guaranteed computer game offline or Online Which will be mentioned later is no less interesting and exciting compared to game game heavy. Immediately, here are the recommendations Online multiplayer computer game The light that you can experience.

1. League of Legends

Lightweight PC game online without downloading League of Legends

A long time ago, Game with Type MOBA or often preferred by fans players in Indonesia. You probably already know with Game The legendary MOBA is called DOTA. And of course you already know if DOTA requires a specification computer high to play.

Well she is league of legends Presented as a competitor to DOTA with no less interesting features and graphic quality. You can say if Play From this game is very similar to DOTA. The main task of Game This is devastating “Nexus” Owned by the opposing team.

In Indonesia alone, the name league of legends In fact he still lost to DOTA. but according to exploratory study since when, league of legends It is one of the gamesType MOBA with player The most in the world.

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2. Left 4 Dead 2

Online game pc ringan download Left 4 Dead 2

For those of you who love FPS game with survival of the speciesit is necessary to try left 4 dead 2. true to her name, Game This tells us about 4 people who need to survive and escape from a chase zombies.

In fact Game You can play this Offline online. But if you play it OnlineOf course you can play with friends to play every character in the game Left 4 Dead 2 And we fight together.

3. Between us

A lightweight computer game site among us

Recently, Online multiplayer game between us It is often a topic of discussion between players. This may be due to its high success rate, as well as its release game between us for the device smart phone.

Play Presented by Between us Very similar to the game werewolf. So there will be one or more traitors in your team. So you need to consult with the whole team to determine who the traitor is and get him out.

4. Missile periodic

Rocket League

can say that Rocket League Error Online computer game Lightweight is very popular these days. Game This game has the main theme of football, but not the usual football like PES or FIFA.

This is because you will be playing soccer in the car. So, you can play this game with your friends to compete or work together to win the match. Later, you can choose which vehicle will be used in the match.

5. Monster Hunter: The World

monster hunter

recommendation Online computer game Next is Monster Hunter: The World. in Game That, you play with friends online Online and work together to hunt down the unique monsters inside Game.

Although it can be played with computer The middle class, but the quality of the rendered graphics is guaranteed to be very impressive and for sure you will not be disappointed. Advantages Monster Hunter: The World The other is that it can be played online Offline online Without an internet connection.

6. Dragon’s Nest

dragon nest

dragon nest he is Online computer game Eyedentity lightweight distributed by Gemscool. So, don’t be surprised if you are already familiar with the name Game this is. Later, you will play the role of a hero who has a mission to find a cure for the god Althea.

Well, you can also choose 5 types of fighting styles according to their own classes. Of course, each class of combat style has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most fun thing is that you can team up with your friends so that tasks can be completed more easily.

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7. Online PC game Ringan: Hearthstone


maybe tired of Game Bear-Type FPS, RPG, etc., you want to find Type Another no less interesting. And therefore, hearthstone can be a substitute Game From computer that you use.

Game she has Type Card-based strategy, you will compete against other players from all over the world. maybe the name hearthstone It still looks weird to you, though Game This is also played in the match esports at the 2018 Asian Games.

8. Brawlhalla


brawl he is online game Bear-Type War with 2D graphics as well Play Which is roughly the same Super Smash Bros. on me a program Nintendo. Game Made by Developer Ubisoft provides many very diverse characters.

Interestingly, you can also find characters as a result of cooperation with them Developer Others like Ben 10, Lara Croft, and many more. There are 8 slots for you to play with friends of different types game mode.

9. World of Warship

world of warship

true to her name, world of warships he is Game Bear-Type Strategy with a war theme using ships. in Game In this case, you will be the captain and control the entire movement of the ship and carry out attacks on enemy ships.

Apart from being light, world of warships can play on it computer You are free. You can also fight against other players’ battleships to get many attractive prizes. Not only against each other, you can also form alliances with friends.

10. Online PC game Ringan: Eve Online

eve online

If it existed before Game War using ships, then eve online It will give you a new experience. Game This one hasType An MMORPG that brings the theme of intergalactic war using spaceships.

The quality of graphics and sound effects are guaranteed to make you feel as if you are in a real space. Some excellent features it has eve onlinesuch as PVE, PVP, and Miningand much more.

11. Paladins online computer game


Paladin he is Game Under the title fantasy shooter tema Which you can play with friends online Online. in Game In this case, you can choose one of several available characters. Of course, each character has different abilities and strengths.

can be said if Game almost like Overwatch. But if you do not have the money and specifications computer The one that was used still doesn’t exist, so you can try Paladin As a no less exciting and certainly interesting alternative to play with friends.


There may still be more Online computer game Any other lighter you can find. but some Game Described above, are game game Recommended choice due to graphics and Playdo not losegame game heavy.

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