3 ways to remove dates in WordPress posts
3 ways to remove dates in WordPress posts

3 ways to remove dates in WordPress posts

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How to delete a date in wordpress? Typically in an article posted on a blog, be it a WordPress CMS or Blogger.

By default, it will display the date of publication, the author’s name, which is usually located under the article title.

The date is metadata that can also distinguish or sort the content of an article, whether from the oldest published or the most recent.

However, in some cases, not all blogs that we normally visit display the date the articles were published.

This may also depend on the author or blogger, of course it will be different for each blog.

If the article content contains guides or tutorials, it may be best to remove or delete the date. However, if the content of the article contains the latest news, we recommend viewing the date.

For those of you who use WordPress cms for blogging, and want to try removing the post date in the article content.

You can try to follow the steps in this technical article. In detail here, let’s see more:

Method 1: Hide with theme customization

The first method, you can use the personalization feature, on the topic you are using.

  • Immediately on the admin menu page, you can select the menu appearance and then adjust or adapt
Customize the appearance of WordPress
Appearance > Personalization
  • In the Personalization section, select Menu Articles > Lalo one job.
  • In one job, you turn it off date of publication In the dead. As in the picture below:
Disable meta post date after one wordpress
date of publication

You also need to know that different themes also have different menus available. For example, here I am using the Astra theme.

Method 2: Delete with Extra CSS

Second method, you can use custom css feature or css plugin.

  • On the admin menu page, select the menu again appearance and then adjust or adapt.
  • Next, select Menu Additional CSS. As in the picture below:
Customize WordPress CSS Additional
Additional CSS

If you have it, you can use the following code, in the provided column.

.entry-meta .posted-on { display: none; }

More details will be as the following picture:

Customize WordPress CSS Additional
Additional CSS

Method 3: Remove using the plugin

The third method, you can use a plugin called WP Date Remover. In simple terms, this plugin will remove, publish or publish date, depending on the selected category.

  • In the Administrator menu, select Add-ons > Add new.
Dashboard WordPress Plugin List Install New Addition
Plugins > Add New
  • After that, you can search for the plugin, by typing the keyword “wp date remover”.
  • If you find it, select the button INSTALL NOW > Lalo Energetic.
WP date remover
WP date remover
  • After that, in the Administrator menu, you can select Settings > Lalo WP date remover .
  • In this setting, you can select the date of the post you want to remove, by category.
  • If you have chosen Save all changes.
Settings > WP Date Remover” class=”wp-image-1295″ srcset=”https://teknoding.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/settings-wp-date-remover-category-wordpress.png 999w, https://teknoding.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10 /settings-wp-date-remover-category-wordpress-300×135.png 300w, https://teknoding.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/settings-wp-date-remover-category-wordpress-768×347. png 768w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 999px) 100vw, 999px” src=”https://teknoding.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/settings-wp-date-remover-category-wordpress.png”/><noscript><img loading=Before and after the date the post was deleted

How to remove history in Google search results?

After doing one of the above three methods, if you want to delete or remove history in google search results. You can resubmit directly to the latest version of the Google Search Console website. If so, the result will be as in the image below:

Example of missing date in Google search results
Example of missing date in Google search results
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