4 benefits of spinach leaves for bay
4 benefits of spinach leaves for bay

4 benefits of spinach leaves for bay

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Ges-r.com4 benefits of spinach leaves for bay. A mother definitely wants to keep her baby healthy in terms of her baby’s growth and development. This is certainly not separate from the role or from internal and external factors.

One important factor is dietary intake. Choosing the nutritional intake of children is certainly more complicated for the mother. Lack of nutritional intake can cause malnutrition in children, lead to feeding disorders, and then have an impact on growth and development disorders.

On the other hand, feeding as a source of nourishment that the parent provides without consideration will actually cause new problems for the child.

The most common occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders in infants. Therefore, mothers or fathers should exercise caution and consult their doctor or midwife when giving nutritional supplements.

Vegetables are sources of important nutrients for the body, including children. Vegetables can be given to the child once the child reaches the age of giving this supplement.

Spinach are examples of easy green vegetables that are often found in everyday life. Spinach is known to contain vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, phosphorous, manganese and iron.

In Indonesia, spinach itself has long been known as a source of nutrition and can provide health benefits. Therefore, eating spinach is a good habit because it provides benefits for the benefits of its content, including giving it to the child.

1. As a food additive

At six months of age, babies usually start receiving breastmilk substitutes (solid foods). The goal is to supplement nutritional needs that can no longer be met solely with breast milk or formula.

Therefore, a mechanism is needed to replace breast milk as a distraction to meet nutritional needs during breastfeeding.

Initially, the child can start with filtered porridge so that the older he gets, the more complex the nutritional needs of the child.

Therefore, as the baby grows, it is necessary to add vegetables like spinach to breast milk substitutes (solid foods) to meet the nutritional needs. (Also Read: Benefits of Colostrum for Newborns and Best Breast Milk and Food at Home for Babies)

2. Maintain healthy skin

Spinach is said to keep the skin healthy, because of its vitamin content, spinach works to maintain healthy skin.

It has always been used for women who want to maintain smooth skin, so some people often include spinach in their daily menu for this reason.

Based on this, spinach can also have the same effect on babies, of course it aims to maintain the softness of the baby’s skin. (Also read: The growth of the baby’s organs after birth, and how to deal with dry skin in babies)

3. Nervous system

Spinach has little benefit in maintaining nerve health. The magnesium content in spinach can help maintain nerve conduction.

The nerve conduction system is very important in the process of transmitting impulses. The impulse itself is very important in the process of child development, the child picks up on the given stimuli or responds to them and they will be picked up in the nerve impulses that will be processed in the brain.

Magnesium itself was developed as a drug that plays a role in treating epilepsy, nerve irritation, and muscle stiffness. (Also read: Benefits of Corn for Babies)

4. Maintain the function of cell and DNA of the body

In infants, the growth of the body or the cells of the body can occur rapidly. The folate content in spinach can provide benefits for maintaining the function of the DNA that carries the genetic material of cells. The origin of folate itself also plays a role in the repair of DNA and RNA strands and plays a role in the process of cell division and growth in the body.

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