5 Easy Ways to Verify Telkomsel Number on your own mobile phone
5 Easy Ways to Verify Telkomsel Number on your own mobile phone

5 Easy Ways to Verify Telkomsel Number on your own mobile phone

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We need to know how to check Telkomsel number because in reality we as humans cannot be separated from forgetting, let alone forgetting our mobile number.

It can happen when we buy the package and then throw it away before we record the number. Or because we haven’t topped up for a long time, so we forget our number.

But don’t worry, don’t rush to throw out the starter pack and buy it with a fresh starter pack. Because we can check our Telkomsel number in different ways.

There are 5 ways to check Telkomsel numbers so that you instantly know your mobile number, as follows:

How to check Telkomsel number via USSD

The first method is the most widely used method. Because this method is very easy and can be used on all types of mobile phones.

However, we must be prepared to pay the same amount Rp55If we don’t have credit, can’t this service be used?

The answer is yes, even though we have no balance or our mobile balance is zero, this service can still be operated.

Aces and Loops

How to check telkomsel number via mobile phone

How to check AS and repeat numbers:

  1. Open our mobile phone.
  2. Enter the contact list or order.
  3. Writes *808# Then press the call / call / call button.
  4. If successful, a popup will appear on our mobile screen with our master card number information.
  5. Screenshot of the mobile screen if we want to save our Telkomsel number information.
  6. click yes to close the popup.

simPATI card

Check your telkomsel number

How to check sympathy number:

  1. First, unlock our mobile phone.
  2. After that open the dial menu or contact menu.
  3. Writes *999# Then press the call / dial / call button.
  4. Writes 6 Then select Yes/OK/Submit/Send to display another menu.
  5. Writes 7 Then select Yes / OK / Submit / Submit.
  6. Writes 8 Then click Yes / OK / Submit / Submit to move to the next menu.
  7. Select the number checklist by typing the numbers 4 Then select Yes / OK / Submit / Submit.
  8. Please wait a while until there is an SMS notification from the operator containing our simPATI number information.

How to check Telkomsel number over the web

Check your sympathy number

To use this method, make sure that we have registered our number in the My Telkomsel app. Sign up with Number, Email, Facebook or Twitter

  1. Open our web browser.
  2. Visit my.telkomsel.com.
  3. Please log in with your My Telkomsel account. Or you can use the email, Facebook, Twitter that we have linked to our My Telkomsel account.
  4. If successful, our account information from name, number, points and also our remaining balance will appear.

How to check Telkomsel number via MyTelkomsel

How to check telkomsel number online

The Telkomsel Number Verification method can be used for those of us who already use smartphones. However, we have to download and install the My Telkomsel app first from Play Store and App Store.

  1. Open the My Telkomsel app.
  2. Then log in with your My Telkomsel account.
  3. If you do not have a My Telkomsel account, you can register first.
  4. If successful, the main screen of the application will display information from our number. Starting with our mobile number, our Telkomsel points, and the balance left from our starter package.

How to check Telkomsel number via call center

How to check telkomsel number 2019

For those of us who are lazy to memorize the UMB code for a dial. Or you do not have enough quota to visit my.telkomsel.com or open the My Telkomsel app.

Then we can do it by calling the operator.

  1. If we use an Ace, Loop or simPATI card, call 188 And we have to pay the amount 300 rupees until 500 rupees.
  2. However, if we use a Halo postpaid card, call the number 133 We do not charge or release.
  3. After calling the operator or the call center, we just need to dial our card number. It provides writing media, whether mobile phone paper or anything else, to record the number that the call center will mention.

How to check Telkomsel number via Miscall

How to check telkomsel ring number

This step requires that we have credit to be able to make calls or SMS to other numbers.

The method is very simple, we just need to make a call or SMS to another number. Then look at our number on the other mobile that we called or sent earlier.

Also watch the following video to make it easier to verify your Telkomsel number:

These are 5 ways to check Telkomsel numbers, please choose the easiest and most suitable method, hopefully it will be useful

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