5+ Ways to Learn Websites Using WordPress
5+ Ways to Learn Websites Using WordPress

5+ Ways to Learn Websites Using WordPress

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How do you know which sites are using WordPress? More details will be explained in this technical article.

When you visit a website, some of you must be curious or want to know, the website uses CMS and what server.

Does your blog or website use WordPress cms or other systems? Especially if your job is as a programmer or web developer, you definitely need to know.

As we know, based on WordPress.org statistics, approximately 34% of websites worldwide use WordPress cms, ranging from hobby activities and personal blogs to the largest news media companies.

It is likely that in the future the number will start to increase, along with the technological development updates, which WordPress uses as one of the most popular content management systems.

But besides WordPress, there are of course many other Cms alternatives, which are no less popular with WordPress, such as joomla, drupal, etc.

Well, for those of you who want to know, your website is using WordPress cms or not.

Read more about the next steps:

How to view websites with WordPress

1. Knowing by page source or page source

Get to know your WordPress site through the page source code
View page source

First method, you can visit any website you want to check. For example, here I am trying to visit the techcrunch site, whether the site uses WordPress or not.

Then if you are using Chrome browser, just right click and select it View page source or if you use English select View page source or just press the key combination CTRL + U.

Then you press the . button CTRL + F then type the keyword ‘wordpress’.

Get to know your WordPress site through the page source code
Example page source

As you can see in the image above, which indicates that the techcrunch site is currently using WordPress cms.

2. Visit the file via License.txt . file

Second method, here we can check if wordpress cms is used on a website, by visiting License.txt file. For example, here I come back to visit the techcrunch site. To check it out, you can visit https://techcrunch.com/license.txt. Then it will look like in the image below:

Verify WordPress website via license file txt
Verification by license file txt

So you just have to add the slash url suffix /license.txt.

3. View Posts Proudly powered by WordPress

The third method, you can see at the bottom of the footer, if it says “Proudly powered by WordPress” then surely the site is using wordpress cms.

4. Visit the WP-Admin page or WP-Login url

Fourth method, you can visit wp admin url or login wp. For example, you can visit techcrunch website, link is for wp admin or wp login here.

Discover wordpress site with wp admin login
WP Admin Login techcrunch

However, not all websites using WordPress can be verified in this way. Sometimes the admin or web owner will hide or change the admin login URL.

5. Recognition through online tools

The fifth method, you can visit websites that provide online tools, their function is to identify the technology that is built on the website. One of the most popular is Builtwith.com.

You can type in the url of the site you want to check. Then if you want to see the used cms, you can scroll down, then pay attention to the section Content Management System.

builthwith wordpress content management system
CMS WordPress

In addition, here you can find out which web server is being used, as well as other technologies that you can try to see for yourself.

6. Use Chrome Extensions

The sixth method, you can use the chrome browser extension, which has the name and balizer. Just download it here. If you are using the Chrome browser, you can choose Wappalyzer for chrome.

Just like buildwith.com, the difference is in the form of a browser extension, where the wappalyzer function is also used, to identify the technology behind the website.

Once installed correctly, you can visit any website and then in the upper right corner it will automatically detect which website technology is being used.

Discover wodpress via wappalyzer
and balizer

In addition to cms, wappalyzer can also detect servers, programming languages, tools, databases, etc., which are used on the website.

Additionally, once you know the website is using WordPress cms. Moreover, you can also find out what WordPress themes are used on the website.

So the article on how to find a website that uses WordPress. I hope it helps you.

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