5 Ways to Track a Lost Samsung Mobile Phone (Just Try It First)

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For some people, HP is the friend they always carry with them wherever they go. In fact, even when eating, the mobile phone is still in the palm of the hand.

Therefore, do not be surprised if this electronic device is lost, it will cause people to panic and get frustrated.

The good news, how to track a lost Samsung mobile phone is actually quite easy. You can count on some of the built-in features and third-party apps.

These apps also allow you to remotely lock and delete important data on your phone.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your personal data being exposed.

5 Ways to Track Lost Samsung Mobile Phones

If you are facing the accident of losing your mobile phone, there are several ways to track lost Samsung mobile phone that you can try right away.

Using Find My Device

As the name suggests, this app is a third-party apk that will help you find your lost phone. The Find My Device app itself is already available on the Play Store.

How to use Find My Device apk is also very easy and practical. Here is the complete guide.

  1. Download Find my device Using your backup phone, then Installations.
  2. After installing the application, open it immediately.
  3. sign in Using the registered email on a lost device.
  4. In a few moments, Find My Device app will display the location of the mobile phone.

Apart from being in apk file form, Find My Device can also be accessed directly via Chrome browser. The method is:

how to track samsung mobile


  • Enter the email address and password associated with the lost Samsung phone.
How to track samsung mobile by email
  • Then Find My Device will display the location of the device as shown in the following image.
How to track a lost Samsung phone

NB: This app can only work if the location service on the lost device is active and the phone is still connected to the internet.

Using Find My Mobile

Not much different from Find My Device app, Find My Mobile can also be relied upon to track a lost Samsung mobile phone.

The difference between the two apps is the developer of the two apps. That’s right, Find My Mobile is an official app from Samsung that will help users find lost devices.

Of course, this app also comes with many advantages, such as finding the exact position of the lost phone, and locking the smartphone with a feature to delete all the data on the phone.

This third feature is definitely very useful for keeping the data on your device safe.

Well, here is how to track a lost Samsung mobile phone using Find My Mobile:

Track Lost Samsung Phone
  • Sign in with email or Samsung account You are.
Track a lost Samsung phone without an app
  • Within a few seconds, Find My Mobile will instantly track the whereabouts of the lost phone.

After the phone is successfully traced, you can activate the voice feature, so that the lost Samsung mobile phone is easy to find.

This feature can work even if the phone is in lost mode silent.

Google Tracking Using Google Adm

The next method to track a lost Samsung mobile phone is to use Google ADM (Android Device Manager) service.

Below is a guide for using Google ADM services.

  1. Set up a backup Android device, then go to AD using your email or Google account.
  2. Then, Google ADM will track the brand of the phone connected to the Google account.
  3. This service will display the location of the lost Samsung mobile phone.

Using Google Maps services

Apart from being a digital map, it turns out that Google Maps can also be used to find lost Samsung smartphones.

You can enjoy this service thanks to the latest features of Google Maps.

So how do you find a lost Samsung cell phone with only Google Maps app? Follow the full guide below.

  1. to open Google Maps using a backup device.
  2. Then select the menu Adjust and click ‘Share the site and get startedin the upper left corner of the page.
  3. Select the tracking time.
  4. Then click on the tabChoose peopleEnter the email address and mobile phone number attached to the lost mobile phone.
  5. Click next step Involvedthen select activation.
  6. Wait a few moments, then the location of your Samsung mobile phone will be traced.

Track Samsung Phones Using Email

In fact, this method is very flexible and can be used by every owner of an Android smartphone.

Where Google requires Android phone users to do so sign in The email that can later be used to access the Play Store and other Google services.

Armed with an email address registered to your mobile device, you can quickly track the whereabouts of your phone.

Here is a guide on how to track a lost Samsung mobile phone using email.

  1. Prepare your PC or laptop, then open it Gmail Web version.
  2. click Nine dots symbol In the right corner of the Google page.
  3. then choose Enters google battery.
  4. Then you will find options Find your phone.
  5. then choose Health points lost.
  6. After that click Options You find.
  7. In a few seconds, Google . will display Google Maps. Click Close to proceed to the next step.
  8. Choose HP . Brand Samsung that you want to track.
  9. Click the icon refresh And Google will read the location of the lost device.

How to Track a Lost Samsung Mobile Phone Using IMEI

Is it possible that only the IMEI number can track the whereabouts of our cell phones? In developed countries, this is quite possible.

However, in Indonesia, there seems to be no service to track a lost cell phone using the IMEI number.

Since the IMEI function is only used to provide the identity of the phone. Is the phone official or not. For more details, please read How to Check Samsung IMEI.

Things you need to consider

The above methods seem easy and hassle free. However, keep in mind that these five methods will pay off when you meet the following conditions:

  1. Location services on the device must be active.
  2. The lost cell phone is still connected to the internet.
  3. The phone is not switched off.

If one of the above three points is not met, it will be difficult to find your lost Samsung mobile phone.

Because, how to track a lost Samsung mobile phone using location services. And when the Internet is disconnected, the location services will not be accurate.

We hope the above review helps you!

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