7 Best Android RAM Cleaner Apps [2022]

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The RAM Cleaner app is really necessary to optimize the performance of the device so that it remains light and does not feel sluggish or sluggish.

There are many things that make the performance of the device heavy, be it on Android. One of the reasons is the amount of garbage or cache Available on RAM. Not surprisingly, the device feels that way slow.

For this reason, Intellect recommends a RAM cleaner app that you can use to clean trash or files cache Buried in RAM.

Here is a list of the best RAM cleaning apps:

1. CCleaner

Computer RAM cleaner app

This request made by Piriform should not be underestimated. This is proven by the results of downloads that have reached more than 1 million users.

Some interesting features are also included in it. Like cleaning junk files and cache automatically. Just set a cleaning schedule and you won’t have to bother cleaning it manually.

2. Super Cleaner

Download Automatic RAM Cleaner App

This app called Super Cleaner has many benefits. In addition to cleaning RAM on Android, you can also take advantage of the battery saver feature. The reason is that this application will find and reduce the systems that consume a large amount of battery.

You can also use Super Cleaner to lower the CPU temperature of the smartphone. So what are you waiting for, download this app right away!

3. Energy cleaning

android cleaner without ads

This application made by LIONMOBI has unique features. The reason is that Power Clean is able to stop apps that drain a lot of battery automatically.

In addition, this app also offers a feature to new users in the form of no ads for 3 days. Later, you can also enjoy ad-free services by upgrading to the premium version.

4. You are the cleanest

Download RAM cleaner app for laptop

The RAM cleaning app created by DU Security Lab is somewhat different from other cleaning apps.

If other apps include some unnecessary features, DU Cleaner only focuses on removing unwanted files and cache.

5. Avast cleaning

Clean oppo . RAM

Who does not know Avast Cleanup? This app is very popular among Android users.

Although this app is known as an antivirus, Avast Cleanup has also been proven to be effective in cleaning Android trash and cache. This way, your smartphone will feel light when you use it.

6. AMC Cleaner

Best android cleaner app 2019

iObit Mobile Security has developed a RAM cleaning app called AMC Cleaner. Some features are included such as one-touch cleaning, deep space cleaning, game booster, and more.

For gamers, it never hurts to have a look at this app to feel the benefits when playing games. Thanks to Game Booster feature, problems like lAG will be resolved. Especially when playing heavy games.

7. AVG Cleaner

cell phone trash cleaner

Do you want to download auto RAM cleaner app? Just use AVG Cleaner. Apart from automatic deletion, you can also uninstall pre-installed apps to get more space.

In this way, the performance of your Android smartphone will be light.

These are 11 apps that you can use to clean RAM, both of which are Android based. Use any of the apps that you feel comfortable with for better device performance.

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