7 ways to make a luxury house in Minecraft, easy and practical
7 ways to make a luxury house in Minecraft, easy and practical

7 ways to make a luxury house in Minecraft, easy and practical

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Friends, do you play Minecraft games at home? In the game, we can build houses or buildings, fight against computer-controlled enemies, and cooperate with other players.

These games are similar to life simulation or the same way that humans live in real life, but it takes place through games.

Players must acquire resources to build the world and have unlimited resources at their disposal.

Minecraft is called a sandbox, which means that the game must rely on creativity to complete the missions and objectives of the game.

Well, for those of you who want to achieve their goal of protecting yourself from monsters, you have to build a house.

How? Here are some steps you should take.

How to make a house in Minecraft

1. Find a construction site

Just like in real life, we also have to choose a good place to build a house in Minecraft.

As a tip, you should choose an elevated location such as mountains and hills that have a large flat area.

Did you know, the less grass you have to mow, the faster the house will be built. Also try to clear the land with an area of ​​10 x 10 blocks.

2. Make a raft table

A crafting table, needed to make a bed. However, you need to gather the ingredients first.

3. Bed Arrangement

The bed is one of the important components that should be in the house. How to make it is:

– Prepare 3 sheep to make colorful bedding, then cut a block of wood.

Converting wooden blocks into four boards.

Place three blocks of wool (same color) in the top row of the raft table and three planks in the middle row.

– Take your bed (on Minecraft PE or console version, just open the raft table and select the colored bed icon).

Place the bed on the floor 2 blocks wide.

4. Make a temporary home

Collect about 20 blocks of dirt used to create walls at least 2 blocks above and on both sides of the bed.

This temporary house is used to fortify us and protect us from the monsters that come at night.

After everything is ready, you should sleep. Right click your mouse, then select Minecraft PE to make you sleep through the night.

5. Create a permanent home

Stone (cobblestone), wood (wood), and soil (dirt) are the three raw materials that we mostly need to build a house.

Preparing these materials and adding some spare materials such as sandstone (sandstone) to beautify the house.

6. Material collection

Make about 64 packets for each material you want to use to build the house.

If the land prepared for your home is at an elevation, you will need to dig or venture into hilly areas to find rocks.

When digging, you will also find coal/coal and iron/iron. Keep digging for seeds.

Keep all the components you have access to in 64 blocks in the box to be safe.

7. Foundation excavation

Remove the 10 x 10 block from the area where you want to build a house with a trowel.

Create a house floor by cutting 25 wooden blocks and turning them into a total of 100 planks.

8. Create a wall

The way to build a wall is to place a block of wall around the outside edge of the foundation, jump over the wall, and repeat until the wall is 4 blocks high.

Don’t forget to leave 2 x 1 as doors. Then put the lamp on first so that it is not completely dark in the house.

9. Ceiling installation

How to install the roof is to stand at the top of the wall, then put the roof blocks leading into the house.

Then set up the three doors by placing six wooden wooden blocks in the first two columns of the raft table. To be able to install the door, there must be a gap in the wall two blocks high and one block wide.

The final step in the process of creating a home is to position the bed in the house with a tool or grip, then touch it to hold it in your inventory.

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