8 Ways to Activate Tokopedia Biometrics (Fingerprint and Face ID)
8 Ways to Activate Tokopedia Biometrics (Fingerprint and Face ID)

8 Ways to Activate Tokopedia Biometrics (Fingerprint and Face ID)

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How to activate Tokopedia Biometrics – Currently, every modern smartphone, whether Android or iOS, is definitely equipped with biometric features. Biometric features like Voice Regocnition, Face ID, Fingerprint and Iris Scanner. But usually with these features, Face ID and Fingerprint is one of the biometric features often used in apps.

It is also important to note that this biometric feature can be used as an access to log in to the app or as final access when making transactions. In addition to being able to use a PIN for a transaction, users can also use a face ID or fingerprint to make it easier. Discussing Biometrics Feature, In this meeting, lupapin.com will discuss how to activate biometrics in Tokopedia.

Not many Tokopedia users know that Tokopedia has a biometric feature. So, here we are going to provide information related to explaining the Tokopedia Biometric feature, how to activate it and also some other important discussion. The most important point here is what the steps to activate this biometric feature look like. The method is very simple, to make it easier, we will also include images in each step.

It is also important to note that there are several conditions required in the Tokopedia Biometric activation process. Starting with Tokopedia PIN, OTP Code and many others. We’ll convey this information later with the main discussion this time around. Well, instead of wondering about the steps to activate Tokopedia Biometrics, here you can see the complete information right away.

How to successfully activate biometrics

Tokopedia biometric activation conditions

Regarding the requirements, as we mentioned above, there are several requirements in the Tokopedia Biometric activation process. The first condition is that you still know your Tokopedia PIN. If you are Forgot TOKOPEDIA PIN CodeYou can perform a PIN reset first. Then the active mobile number registered in the Tokopedia application. This number is useful for obtaining an OTP token. Finally, make sure that the internet connection used is stable.

How to activate Tokopedia Biometrics

After you know the information about the above requirements, we will then discuss the tutorial on how to activate Tokopedia Biometrics. There are several steps you should see here, so for more details, just refer to the tutorial below.

1. Open the Tokopedia app

Your first step is to log into the Tokopedia app and choose the Account menu on the main page.

Open the Tokopedia app

2. Select Settings

Next, select the Settings menu at the top that we selected.

Select Settings 3

3. Select the account

Then on the settings page, just select the account menu at the top.

Select an account

4. Select Face ID

Now here you will see several menus, just select Face ID or Fingerprint menu according to the smartphone you are using.

Choose Face ID

5. Sign in with Face ID

Immediately on this page, tap Sign in with Face ID. Point your face towards the front camera of your smartphone.

Sign in with Face ID

6. Biometric activation verification

Here you can choose the verification method, either via SMS or a Tokopedia PIN. Here we use the Tokopedia PIN.

Biometric activation verification

7. Enter Tokopedia PIN

Enter your Tokopedia PIN correctly and completely.

Enter your Tokopedia PIN

8. Biometric activation is successful

he did. You can now log in to your account using Face ID.

Biometric activation successful 1


Draw conclusions from the discussion above about how Tokopedia Biometrics is activated. It is important to note that this activation process requires several conditions as mentioned above. With this feature, we also believe that the security of your Tokopedia account will be better when compared to a PIN or password feature.

So here is some complete information that you can see above on how to activate Tokopedia Biometrics. Well, maybe that is all lupapin.com can convey, we hope the above discussion was helpful and added to your insight.

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