Advantages of hybrid cars not found in conventional cars
Advantages of hybrid cars not found in conventional cars

Advantages of hybrid cars not found in conventional cars

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June 23, 2022

Technological changes in the automotive world do not seem to have been completed. One of them is the advantages of hybrid cars. This type of car is characterized by the peculiarity of the power that drives it comes from two sources, electric power and fuel oil.

For some car lovers, the development of hybrid cars is already attracting attention. Besides, the various advantages of hybrid cars that conservative cars do not have makes hybrid cars more attractive to drive.

Interested in starting the transition to a hybrid car? Read about the features of this hybrid that will make you more ready to start using this type of vehicle. No, read!

1. Save fuel consumption

Hybrid cars combine two types of energy to power a vehicle, which are electric energy and fuel oil. So the advantages of the first hybrid car is the use of fuel, including efficiency, compared to conservative types of cars. When the vehicle is started, the electrical mechanism in the vehicle is started using electrical energy from the battery.

Moreover, when the car is skidding at low speed, for example on a busy road, the car can skid using the electric power present through the battery. So in order for the use of fuel in hybrid cars to be more efficient than conventional cars.

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2. The motor vibration is smooth and no noise

Vibrations in the engine and noise when the car is moving at low speeds, such as skidding in a traffic jam, often make car users feel uncomfortable while driving. The advantage of a hybrid car is that it can be free from engine vibration and noise. Since the car skids using electric power from the battery when the speed is low, the engine vibration feels soft and doesn’t make some annoying noises.

3. The acceleration performance is not absorbed

The assumption that an efficient car with accelerating performance does not have that kind of power remains in the minds of our compatriots. However, this assumption appears to have been dispelled by the existence of hybrid cars. Although the fuel consumption of hybrid cars is economical, the acceleration performance that is not inferior to conservative cars is one of the advantages of hybrid cars, as you know.

For example, with an acceleration time of 0-100 km / h, Toyota Corolla Hybrid accelerates in 11.3 seconds, and Toyota Corolla accelerates with gasoline in 11.5 seconds. Through this observation, it can be seen that the acceleration performance of a hybrid car is no less than that of a moderate car.

4. Using CVT transmission is convenient to drive

Most hybrids use a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) or automatic transmission. The CVT or matic transmission is really comfortable to drive, especially by some beginners with driving problems. This CVT transmission makes the transmission soft, which makes it more comfortable to drive.

5. Although it uses electric power, it does not need to be charged

This is different from the BEV (Baterai Electric Vehicle), which must be charged in order for the vehicle to glide. Hybrid cars do not have charging slots to charge the battery. In hybrid cars, charging occurs when the car is braking due to the regenerative braking system.

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6. Low exhaust emissions

The use of electric energy in hybrid cars makes fuel oil/BBM consumption more efficient than conventional cars. This will certainly affect the emissions of the exhaust gases that are produced in one way or another, so that they can reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Here are the advantages of hybrid cars that make them better than the existing types of conventional cars. From its great and useful features, and its impact on the environment in one way or another, it makes the hybrid vehicle a worth considering for your mobility needs.

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