Agnipath protests: ensuring peace, UP Police tells training centers
Agnipath protests: ensuring peace, UP Police tells training centers

Agnipath protests: ensuring peace, UP Police tells training centers

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Uttar Pradesh Police has started issuing notices to training institutes to impart training for young men to join the army to ensure that peace is maintained and that they are not found to be involved in any work that is disruptive to law and order.

This comes in the wake of the arrest of 11 directors of training institutes in Aligarh for allegedly inciting youth to protest against the central government’s new military recruitment scheme, Agnipath.

In some provinces, notices have been issued to institutes under Sections 107 and 116 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Under these sections, people who are seen as potential threats to peace are required to provide guarantees and bonds to maintain law and order.

Since the arrests in Aligarh, the police have started the process of compiling details of the institutes that provide training for army aspirants. Police have identified 1,316 institutes across the counties since protests against the scheme began on June 16.

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Balia Police identified 66 small and large training institutes in the area.

Police Director (Palia) Raj Karan Nayar told the Indian Express, “Notifications under Sections 107 and 116 of CPC have been sent to around 30 institutes, and the process of sending them to others is underway.”

In Agra, notifications have been sent to the owners of 33 institutes. Chief Inspector of Police (AGRA) Sudhir Kumar Singh said the owners of the training centers have been warned not to indulge in any work that threatens peace.

In Mathura district, 40 training institutes have received notices to ensure peace while Deoria police have reportedly asked the owners of the institutes to ensure that no one involved in anti-social activities is found.

In Chandaoli, the police held a meeting with the owners of training institutes and asked them to tell their students to keep the peace. Aligarh police are also planning to send notices to training institutes to ensure peace is maintained.

Last Friday, protests erupted in 20 districts of Uttar Pradesh against the Agnipath scheme and took a violent turn in many places. As of Tuesday, the number of arrests related to the Agnipath demonstration crossed has reached 1,120 with 618 being booked for breaching the peace. A total of 64 PIZs were registered, with a maximum of 11 in Jaunpur, followed by nine cases in Varanasi and six cases in Aligarh.

The government has already said it will recover compensation for damage to public and private property by protesters during the protests.

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