Amazon Live Contest, Chance to Win Big Prize, Find Out How
Amazon Live Contest, Chance to Win Big Prize, Find Out How

Amazon Live Contest, Chance to Win Big Prize, Find Out How

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Amazon is a viral e-commerce site. It also continues to give opportunities to the client to win prizes through quizzes. Today, Amazon is giving its users a chance to win Rs 5,000. This reward will be given to the winner of the Amazon contest.

You must participate in Amazon contest today, i.e. June 19, 2022. Participating in the Amazon contest today entitles you to win Rs 5,000. You must have the Amazon app on your mobile phone to run this test.

Here we tell you the complete way to win this quiz. First you have to download the Amazon app to your phone. After downloading it, sign in to it. Then you have to go to the fun section.

After going to the fun section, you should go to the daily test section. Here you are eligible to win the test by answering five questions correctly. The reward amount will be in your Amazon Pay balance if you win the exam. The winner will be determined through a raffle. The winner today will be announced tomorrow.

Here we tell you the correct answers to all of today’s questions.

1. Who retired from the 2022 French Open semi-final in tragic circumstances after spraining his ankle during the match?

Answer – Alexander Zverev

2. Jitendra Kumar, who is known for his roles in films and web series like Panchayat, is a graduate of which of these institutes?

Answer – IIT Kharagpur

3. The well-known hotel company, Marriott International, recently decided to suspend all its operations in which country?

Answer – Russia

4. MH 370, This airline’s flight, which was lost in 2014, was headed to which destination?

Answer – Beijing

5. This is a view of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park. in which country?

Answer – Kenya

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