Best and cheapest prices for used Mini Trail bike 2022
Best and cheapest prices for used Mini Trail bike 2022

Best and cheapest prices for used Mini Trail bike 2022

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mini motorcycle price – In fact, having a hobby of riding a motorcycle is free for anyone, and this applies to young children who realized from an early age that they had learned to ride a motorcycle so that later they could become a racer.

In order to achieve this goal, of course, nothing but the engine itself, but a special motorcycle must be used, which is a small motorcycle because it is suitable for the stopping of young children. Moreover, there are many small motorcycles that you can buy in Indonesia, but not all of them are of high quality.

It is better to spend more money to buy a small motorcycle made by Kawasaki, Viar, Benelli or other large, proven manufacturers.

Unfortunately, the price of small motorcycles marketed by large companies is very expensive. As a result, many people prefer unbranded mini motorcycles that usually use lawn mowers.

The quality is definitely a lot different, so it’s normal that the price difference is very big. After all, our mini motorcycle can still be used by adults this time, because it is designed to withstand the weight of adults, which on average exceeds 50 kg.

The engine specs are very good and guaranteed to be more powerful than cheap small motorcycle engines.

Mini Motor Price

Due to the rapid growth of motorcycles, a new motorcycle should be released every year. This condition makes the growth of motorcycles more diverse, including small motorcycles.

Given that mini motorbikes are only suitable for children, this has really turned out. There are also many mini motorbikes that can be used by adults.

This is because the small motor has a large motor capacity. If kids used a small motorcycle like this, it would definitely be dangerous.

Although mini motorbikes are for children, parents generally allow their children to ride motorbikes to practice how to ride. A parent’s hope may be that one day their child will be able to become a professional racer.

And the prayers of the parents will certainly be able to go internationally, following the successful Indonesian riders at famous racing events. However, parents also have to supervise their children when riding a motorbike because the motorbike is small but if it falls it is still dangerous.

These mini motorcycles are generally made with engines of 50cc or more. Sometimes don’t discount up to 125cc.

List of cheap and best used mini motorcycles

By reading the above reviews, I hope that my friends will be able to consider how you will do, now to find out the price of a mini motorcycle in Indonesia, let’s look at the following information.

Mini Trail MFX 50CC

Mini Motor Price

The 50cc MFX Trail has a design similar to a professional trail bike in the KX 65 or KX 85 class. In terms of galley runway, it’s also not bad, as it uses a 49cc two-stroke engine with automatic transmission that allows it to reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. This motorcycle can also be used by all ages, whether adults or children.

New price IDR 3,200,000

Kawasaki KX 65

Mini Motor Price

Motorcycles are already quite a lot, and now they are not only for children, but also for adults. Kawasaki also has a small motorcycle product that has a fairly large cylinder engine, the 65cc. The mini motorcycle that got the machine was the Kawasaki KX 65 mini motorcycle.

New price IDR 36,900,000.

Viar Cross X 100

Mini Motor Price

Viar also doesn’t want to miss the small motorcycle trend. This manufacturer has released the Viar Cross X 100 mini motorcycle. As the name suggests, this mini motorcycle is powered by a 100cc four-stroke engine, SOHC. For the transmission itself, a four-speed transmission is used.

New Price Rp9,680,000

Kawasaki KSR Pro

Mini Motor Price

The first mini motorcycle to be reckoned with in terms of specs is the Kawasaki KSR Pro mini motorcycle. That’s because the specs are pretty tough in the small motorcycle class, powered by a single, air-cooled four-stroke engine.
The engine capacity of the small motorcycle is 111 cc and the power that can be produced is 8.6 hp at 8000 rpm with a maximum torque of 8.6 Nm at 6000 rpm.

Price 24,400,000 rupees

Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE

Mini Motor Price

Although it is a small motorcycle, do not underestimate the interior. With the price of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE mini motorcycle at 33,200,000 rupees, of course the specifications are not fake. Please note that this mini motorcycle uses a single air-cooled four-stroke engine with a cylinder volume of 125 cc.

Price 22,000,000 rupees

Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Mini Motor Price

The Standard Edition of the Mini Kawasaki Z125 Pro motorcycle is not much different in specifications from the Special Edition. In terms of engine and performance, these two little motorcycles are still the same. What makes these two little motorcycles different is a matter of color.

Price 24,000,000 rupees

Viar Cross 70

Mini Motor Price

The manufacturer Viar still has other mini motorcycles besides the Viar Cross X 100 mini motorcycle, the Viar Cross X 70 mini motorcycle. As the name suggests, this mini motorcycle uses a 70cc engine. With this device, the Viar Cross X 70 mini motorcycle definitely has a cheaper mini motorcycle price than the Cross X 100 mini motorcycle.

New Price Rp8.000.000


Mini Motor Price

KTM has also contributed to the small motorcycle industry by introducing the KTM 50 SX Mini Motorcycle. The price of this mini motorcycle is also very expensive. The price of the small motorcycle is 65.000.000 rupees. Although the machine used is not very large, it only uses a 50cc engine.

New price IDR 65,000,000.

Honda groom

Mini Motor Price

Honda also has a mini motorcycle, which is very compact, but in fact, the Honda Grom mini motorcycle is for adults. This is to meet the needs of adults who want a small motorcycle with qualified performance to facilitate their movement.
New price Rp 45,000,000.

Benelli TnT 135

Mini Motor Price

This mini motorcycle is a product of Italy. With a modern and cool design, of course there are a lot of enthusiasts, moreover, the engine and performance are first-class. The Benelli TnT 135 mini motorcycle engine uses a single-cylinder, air-cooled four-stroke engine with a capacity of 135 cc.

price 24,500,000 Indonesian rupiah

This is the full explanation of Mini Trail Motorcycle Prices for 2019, I hope this article is useful to all of you, and it would be great if you share this article so that it is accessible to all, thank you very much.

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