Black phone summary and presentation schedule –
Black phone summary and presentation schedule –

Black phone summary and presentation schedule –

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For you lovers of horror movies and movies black phone This could be a recommendation for a movie that you can watch, of course.

Black Phone, directed by Scott Derrickson, produced by Jason Bloom and starring Ethan Hawke, tells the horror story of a kidnapped victim’s phone.

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Well, for those who are curious about the story. Let’s read the synopsis of the movie black phone under this.

Synopsys movie black phone

Synopsys movie black phone

Once, in a town where they lived, there was a mysterious man in a black suit who kidnapped several young children there.

The story begins when a boy named Vinnie is kidnapped and held in a soundproof basement.

The spirits of the kidnapping victims don’t want Vinnie to become a victim like them, and they instruct the boy so that the boy can escape the kidnapper’s clutches.

The identity of the kidnapper is unknown because he does not show his face and wears a mask. In the end, Vinny manages to escape from the masked man’s killer.

Then there was a black phone ringing, Vinnie could hear the victims who had been killed earlier from the phone.

Her sister named Gwen Shu has supernatural powers, which is to see the events of the past and the future through her dreams.

black phone check table

Gwen also helps the police uncover who and where the killer lives. So, does Vinny survive the kidnapping?

The movie Black Phone, which of course you can watch in CGV, cinema XXI and also other favorite cinemas.

Black Phone movie which will be shown soon on June 24, 2022 in all Indonesian cinemas. And of course you can also order tickets online in many applications.

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