Brain Out Level 1 to 50 Full Answer Key Guaranteed Correct
Brain Out Level 1 to 50 Full Answer Key Guaranteed Correct

Brain Out Level 1 to 50 Full Answer Key Guaranteed Correct

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Brain Out Answer Key Level 1 to 50 – At the moment there is a popular game right now, yes the game is called Game Brain Out which has been viral lately, this game itself is a strategy or idea game because if you play this game it will be a little confused but it’s fun, that’s why +62 netizens like this game .

Therefore, not a few players in this game also try to find the mind answer key with the aim of completing the tasks you are playing, because the tasks themselves are very many and of course if your level increases, the puzzles you have will be more difficult to complete.

So, please see the summary of Answer Keys for Level 1 to Level 166 Mind Ejection Game made by the Administrator for this Gamebleng review.

Brain Out Answer Key Level 1-10

Here are the answer keys for Brain out Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10:

Level 1

  • A question in the game: which one is bigger? / Find the biggest one?
  • Answer Level 1: select a fruit watermelon Because the fruit is the largest among the fruits in the selection of the largest watermelon in the real world.

Level 2

  • A question: Count how many ducks? / How many ducks?
  • Answer Level 2: Number of ducks available 9Because among the ducks is a chicken.

3 . level

  • A question: Who is the tallest? / Who is the tallest one?
  • Answer Level 3: Sun This is because the position of the sun is higher than the selection below

level 4

  • A question: Find the most different watermelon fruit? / Can you know the other?
  • Answer Level 4: You pass watermelons one by one, then you find a watermelon that has been bitten, and you pick the fruit

level 5

  • A question: Make a rectangle plus different widths! / Create a rectangle!
  • Answer Level 5: Move the isosceles orange square to the bottom left side until it covers half of the square and you’ve created a different rectangle

Level 6

  • A question: Try counting the number of triangles below? / Try to count how many triangles are below?
  • Answer Level 6: amount 11

Level 7

  • A question: Look for the biggest fire! / Find the biggest fire pits!
  • Answer Level 7: Combine all the flames until the bonfire grows up, and you choose.

Level 8

  • A question: Parking in position No.? / Car parking in Barikran no how much?
  • Answer Level 8: Move the car, then you will know the parking number

Level 9

  • A question: What value do you give to this game? What is the value of this game you give?
  • Answer Level 9: select 100

Level 10

  • A question: Sleeping owl wake up! / Wake up the sleeping owl!
  • Answer Level 10: You slip the sun and remove the sun until the owl wakes up

Brain Out Answer Key Level 11 – 20

Below is the answer key for Brain Out Level 11 to Level 20:

Level 11

  • A question: Give an answer based on the correct calculation! / Give answers based on the correct arithmetic!.
  • Answer Level 11: The answer is 9 So it is not affected by the above amount

Level 12

  • A question: Click the fruit sequentially and then click the hexagon, circle, square / Click the fruit sequentially and then click the hexagon, circle, square
  • Answer Level 12: You choose to click on bananas, apples, hexagons, circles, and squares (don’t click on sweet potatoes because sweet potatoes are not vegetables)

Level 13

  • A question: This time you must win! Your turn / this time must win! Your turn
  • Answer Level 13: You tap two squares in the middle with two fingers then two circles appear then you win.

Level 14

  • A question: Looking for chicks / Looking for chicks
  • Answer Level 14: Squeeze the chicken and then shake it until the chicks come out

Level 15

  • A question: Find the darkest color Find the darkest color
  • Answer Level 15: You click on the question text because the color of the letters is darker than the others

Level 16

  • A question: Tried to count the number of hair strands? Try to count the number of hair strands?
  • Answer Level 16: You press and slide the hair and it will leave 3 strands of hair then this is the answer

Level 17

  • A question: Help the duck drink water
  • Answer Level 17: You move the duck in the pond

Level 18

  • A question: Make this equation correct? / Is this equation correct?
  • Answer Level 18: Rub the vertical line on the number 1 Then go to the question mark characters (?) So this will be a number 2

Level 19

  • A question: Which one is edible? / Which one can you eat?
  • Answer Level 19: You combine things Couch for shaped things like Cali palm Then it will be a picture Meat

Level 20

  • A question: Help the rabbit win / Help the rabbit win
  • Answer Level 20: You can benefit from animals Monkey And the koda Then click start and click forward so that rabbit move alone

Brain Out Level 21 – 30. Answer Key

Level 21

  • A question: The ring is gone, help him find it
  • Answer Level 21: You click on the dog food picture, it will open and then you will move the dog food on the dog until the dog eats it and then defecates and you will meet the ring from there

Level 22

  • A question: What are the two letters that people like to hear the most? What are the two letters that people like to hear the most?
  • Answer Level 22: guys write CD Because the CD can play music

Level 23

  • A question: Smoking is harmful to health
  • Answer Level 23: You tap on the cigarette icon several times until the red cigarette lighter turns black aka cigarette dies

Level 24

  • A question: Put the coins in the piggy bank, then now how many coins are in the piggy bank? / Put the coins in a piggy bank, so now there are many coins in a piggy bank?
  • Answer Level 24: number of coins 15th

Level 25

  • A question: Hungry, let’s make food / I’m hungry, let’s make food
  • Answer Level 25: You move the house image down and then combine the images of the sun and clouds to become an eye-egg image.

Level 26

  • A question: Cut this circle into 8 pieces, how many scissors are needed? Cut this circle into 8 pieces, how many scissors do you need?
  • Answer Level 26: number type 1

Level 27

  • A question: Count the number of ants? / Count the number of ants?
  • Answer Level 27: You zoom in on the new image with both fingers and then there will be a picture of the ants and the total number of everyone there 17

Level 28

  • A question: Find the formula and write the answer! / Find formulas and write answers!
  • Answer Level 28: The formula is 8 + 1 = 9 so the answer is 9

Level 29

  • A question: Click the butterfly on this question
  • Answer Level 29: Click on the question letter, then move it under the image of the butterfly, and then click on the image of the butterfly

Level 30

  • A question: Turn on the fan / Turn on the fan
  • Answer Level 30: You tap on both ends of the red wire with your fingers and the fan turns on

Brain Out Answer Key Level 31-40

Level 31

  • A question: Searching for 8 animals? / Find 8 animals?
  • Answer Level 31: Click on the cloud image then it will rain and then the worms will appear from the rock and you will hit all the animals

Level 32

  • A question: Convince the child to want to sleep
  • Answer Level 32: Hold the upper and lower ends of the hand and move slowly until the child falls asleep

Level 33

  • A question: Your girlfriend and your mother are in danger, which one will you save?
  • Answer Level 33: Press both at the same time

Level 34

  • A question: Move the car up to the signs
  • Answer Level 34: Drag the cloud image to the iceberg image, then the ice will melt and the car can run towards the marks

Level 35

  • A question: How do you get to eat carrots? / How do you eat carrots?
  • Answer Level 35: Move the carrot image to the bunny

Level 36

  • A question: How can I get this guy across the river? How do you get this person to cross the river?
  • Answer Level 36: You can enlarge the boat image by tapping with your two fingers

Level 37

  • A question: Which 3 numbers add up to 12? 3 What added number equals 12?
  • Answer Level 37: Click on the number 6 1x and then click on the number 3 2x

Level 38

  • A question: Put everything in the box Put everything in the box
  • Answer Level 38: Enter all images including question letters

Level 39

  • A question: Let’s click the mouse
  • Answer Level 39: Click on the mouse image and then move it to the hammer image

level 40

  • A question: Save the giraffe! / Save the giraffe!
  • Answer Level 40: Turn your phone over then the key will come out of the case, then slide the key into the lock

Brain Out Level 41 – 50. Answer Key

Level 41

  • A question: Elementary school math questions
  • Answer Level 41: number type 39

Level 42

  • A question: Find the right item
  • Answer Level 42: Find the item, to make it easier to click on all parts of the picture, you will find the pictures one by one

level 43

  • A question: Hurry up Zozo! / Hurry up, my son Zuzu!
  • Answer Level 43: Move the door handle down and the door will open then Zuzu’s mother will appear and Zuzu wakes up

Level 44

  • A question: If 1 = 5, 2 = 15, 3 = 215, 4 = 3212 then 5 = ? / If 1 = 5, 2 = 15, 3 = 215, 4 = 3212 then 5 =?
  • Answer Level 44: 5 = 1 so the answer is 1

Level 45

  • A question: Which glass will be filled first? Which glass will be filled first?
  • Answer Level 45: Move glass #1 to the left and tap on glass #4

Level 46

  • A question: What is the largest number that can be obtained by moving one match?
  • Answer Level 46: 965

Level 47

  • A question: Which of the following is inedible? / What can’t be eaten below?
  • Answer Level 47: You move the image of the chicken and then click on the nest

Level 48

  • A question: How do you get Tom to get his attention? How can Tom get his attention?
  • Answer Level 48: Click the girl’s bag and give it to Tom

Level 49

  • A question: Find Ailen / Find Ailen
  • Answer Level 49: You move the UFO to the rock on the left, then Eileen appears from there

level 50

  • A question: Is this trend incorrect? Please fix/is this direction incorrect? Please fix it
  • Answer Level 50: You turn your phone in the direction and then the mission of this level will succeed

For the next level I will be reviewing in the next article, which is a review of the brain’s answer keys for levels 1 to 50, and look forward to more full answer keys in my next review..

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