Building a sick Clint 2022 one blow automatic death!

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Clint Building Element Hurts – Generally, shooters of mobile legends suffer painful damage when they enter the late game. But it’s different from Clint, because this hero suffers morbid damage from the start of the game, not to mention the late game. No wonder Clint is one of the most popular OP and meta markman in the current Mobile Legends game.

You will find it easier to get an even savage MVP when using the more satisfying clint build that we will share on this page. Noting that you must be able to play passively from Clint, then only one hit will kill the opponent’s hero instantly.

Build the sickest and strongest clint

In order for the damage from this hero to be more painful, it is very important to pay attention to the use of emblems and spells. Therefore, on this page we have completed recommendations for the best emblems and spells so that this outspoken hero is even easier to obtain MVP, the freak of brutality.

Build Clint Pain Top Global & Pro Player Version

As the champion shooter with passive and pathological damage starting from the beginning of the game, Clint is well-suited to be in the position of the golden lane. So that the gold is obtained faster and the clint building items will be faster, so the damage done will take a toll.

Therefore, HP will only share the patient version of the Clint build bang xinn Who is the professional player, the world’s best talented as well as Indonesia’s top scholars.

warrior shoes

warrior shoes

Warrior shoes functions:

● +40 movement speed
● +22 physical defense

Passive Unique Courage:

When receiving damage as a basic attack, the physical defense will increase by 5 to 25. Valid for 3 seconds.

endless battle

endless battle

Endless Fungi Battle:

● +65 physical attack
● +5 Mana Regin
● +250 HP
● +10 cooldown reduced
● +5% movement speed
● + 10% of physical life

Negative Divine Justice:

After 3 seconds of using the skill, a basic attack will give an additional 60% real damage from a physical attack. This effect has a deceleration of 1.5 seconds.

Get 10% extra movement speed when idle is active

thunder belt

thunder belt

Innate Thunder Belt:

● +40 physical defense
● +10% cooldown reduction
● +6 Mana Regin
● +800 HP

Unique Negative Thunder Belt:

When the hero uses a skill, the next 3 seconds will get an additional 50 + 5% additional real damage of the opponent’s max health and their surroundings.

In addition, this passive thunder belt will give a slow effect of 40-80% discount. This effect can increase according to the hero’s maximum additional health, lasting for 1 second.

This idle has a very short idle time, which is only 1.5 seconds.

BOD (Blade of Despair)

BOD (Blade of Despair)

We reach innate despair:

● +160 physical attacks
● +5% movement speed

Unique Negative Desperation:

Physical attack increases by 25% when enemy hero’s health is less than 50%.

wind speaker

wind speaker

Windtalker functions:

● +40% attack speed
● +20 movement speed
● + 10% critical chance

Unique negative cyclone:

Every 3-5 seconds, the next basic attack can hit 3 enemy heroes and deal 150-362 damage (magic).

The magic damage from this idle can be critical and give 200% damage to minions.

Unique passive active:

Movement speed will increase by 5% in a short time, every time this tornado is active.

mischievous roar

mischievous roar

Malefic Roar Functions:

● +60 physical attacks
● + 35% material pen

Unique Passive Shield Buster:

When dealing damage to an opponent, the Physical Pen will increase by 0.05%. Increases according to the amount of physical defense the opponent has. Max 20% increase.

The reference to the above patient clint build was obtained from XINN youtube video which is the professional operator and top clint of Indonesia.

tersakit bang XINN clint build the world's highest clint

Clint building hurts one hit

There is still a song, and it’s the hardest build you can try, because this build can cause great damage. Only one hit the opponent’s hero will die instantly and even die.

  • warrior shoes: +40 movement speed +22 physical defense
  • Haptasis blade: +70 physical attacks, +15 physical pens
  • Berserker’s wrath: +65 physical attack, +25% critical chance, +40% critical damage
  • Endless Battle: +65 physical attack, + 10% physical lifestyle, + 10 CDs, + 5 mana recovery, +250 health points, + 5% movement speed
  • brute force armor: +45 Physical Defense, +770 HP
  • mischievous roar: +60 physical attack, +35% physical pen

For armor items, you can replace the brute force armor with other armor like immortal armor, athena armor, thunder belt, etc. Just adjust it to the game conditions and the opponent’s hero.

Best Clint Spiel

Although this hero has a blur skill, the skill cooldown is very long and less effective for escaping or avoiding the opponent’s skill.


So the best mantra to express the attitude of the golden corridor is to flash. Because you can use this spell to escape and chase your opponent easily.

Clint Sick Logo

The mantra of the killer with his talent-killing spree is the sickest and most morbid mantra of this time. Because these talents can provide extra movement speed and extra blood after getting a kill.

Although the main role of Clint is that of the archery champion, it is rare for professional players and Clint’s world greats to use the archer crest.

Because the slayer’s emblem is capable of doing more damage than the archer’s emblem.

Anti-hero Clint

This noble hero is weak against heroes who have heavy damage, stun or explosion effects. Like Eudora, Selena, Natalia, Franco’s Ultimate Skills and Saber.

Although this hero has a blur skill, it is less effective against heroes who have CC or long stun effects like some of the anti-heroes we mentioned above.


This is the recommendation to build the most satisfactory intelligence in one stroke capable of causing significant damage. We hope this article will make you better at using Clint champion to raise the rankings in Mobile Legends.

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