Chapter 4587 – XH . Tales
Chapter 4587 – XH . Tales

Chapter 4587 – XH . Tales

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Chapter 4587

In the ID photos, she is wearing glasses and not smiling.

They looked more tender and beautiful, but they weren’t amazing.

But before him was Jemima, slender and tall, fair-skinned and rosy,

Facial features without makeup have the charm of classic Chinese beauty.

With a long ponytail, an angel seemed to have fallen next door,

And become the higher version of the girl next door.

A very simple Jemima dress, a plain dress, a pair of simple black sandals,

And a shoulder bag without a brand at all.

Such a casual dress makes her unusual temperament even more charming. Taking it to a new level.

Charlie didn’t really expect that this fat guy,

And such a big-eared Gerrard could give birth to a fairy-like daughter.

Judging from Jemima’s facial features, Gerrard’s genes had no effective influence on her.

At this time, Jemima cast a frosty look at Charlie, and said casually, “Mr. Wade, welcome.”

After speaking, without waiting for Charlie to reply, she said directly to Gerard,

“It’s not that I have been called to dinner? Please hurry up,”

“I have something to do in the afternoon, so I can’t delay it for too long.”

Gerrard was alarmed by Jemima’s situation and shouted:

“What is your position? I also plan to ask you to help me entertain, and take Mr. Wade around in the afternoon!”

Jemima refused without hesitation: “No, I said I had something to do in the afternoon!”

“Since he’s your guest, why not entertain yourself?”

“I think you and Mr. Wade are about the same age,” said Gerrard angrily.

“At the same age, you are more suited to entertaining than me!”

“I do not have time!” Jemima said angrily: She asked me to come back to dinner,

“You’re back already. Now, please stop moderation and don’t push yourself too far!”

“Is that the way you talk to your father?” said Gerard, in a cold voice.

Bella hurriedly came and said, “Gerard, why are you arguing with your child?”

“Moreover, Mister Wade is here as well, so you can’t joke yourself in front of your guests.”

Then she smiled hastily and tried to convince Jemima:

“Jemma, you know your father’s mood, you don’t know him the same way, sit down and eat quickly.”

Jemima gave Bella a look of disdain, and said coldly:

“You don’t need to pretend you’re a good person here.”

Bella’s expression changed slightly, but she still smiled and said:

“Jemma, you may have misunderstood me by now,”

“My original intention was to convince your father not to be serious with you,”

“There is no hatred between father and daughter, so what is not said?”

“There is no hatred between father and daughter,” said Jemima lightly.

“But there is an inextricable hatred between a daughter and a girl that destroys the family!”

As soon as those words appeared, Bella’s expression turned very ugly.

Gerrard’s face on the side was also pale.

Bella’s large eyes were immediately covered with water,

“Gerard …” she said to Gerrard darkly.

Gerrard was also very upset. After all, Jemima called Bella a vixen,

The implicit text was also the equivalent of describing him as a heartless man.

So, who was very embarrassed, he immediately shouted to Jemima:

“Apologize to your mother right away, right away!”

“I’m sorry, you and she are the killers,” Jemima said with a grim expression.

“Whoever killed my mother indirectly, I will not apologize to both of you!”

“You are!” Suddenly Gerard got annoyed, pointed at Jemima and was speechless for some time.

In this life, Jemima hated Bella the most.

Charlie Wade’s charismatic alternative novel…

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