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Read Charlie Wade, Chapter 4483, The Magic of a Hero of the Heart

Charlie Wade Chapter 4483 Heart of Hero Magic
Read Charlie Wade, Chapter 4483, The Magic of a Hero of the Heart

Twenty minutes later, Jian, Fei Kexin, and Jay reached the deck with their luggage.

At this moment, the sky above the sea was dim, leaving only the faint glow of the western horizon.

On the deck, Siwon had been waiting here for ten minutes.

When he saw Jian Xun, he said very politely, “Miss Xun, you should accompany us again after all the hard work…”

Siwon smiled slightly and said, “Master. Shameless Fei, as long as it is you, I will do my best to do what the Lord requires of me.”

After checking the time, he said, “Mr. Fei, the helicopter will arrive soon and we are 200 kilometers from Colombo and the flight duration is about an hour.”

Jian nodded his head slightly.

While he wanted to know why Charlie had suddenly arranged for himself and his grandson to go to Colombo, he also wanted to know his next steps once they arrived.

But after thinking a bit, he decided to follow Charlie’s plan.

Arrival of a security guard.

Immediately after that, a heavy helicopter flying near the sea at high speed began to slow down as it approached the cargo ship, and then landed directly above the deck.

The door opened as soon as the helicopter landed on the deck.
Several soldiers of the Wanlong Palace, armed with live ammunition, disembarked from the ship and walked to Xun in three steps or two.
The master of the hall commanded that you and many other persons be escorted to Colombo; time is running out; Please board the plane as soon as possible.”

“Master Fei, please go first,” Siwon said to Jian.

Jian did not hesitate and climbed into the cabin with the help of several people.

The heavy helicopter flew over to Sri Lanka as soon as everyone boarded the plane.

Meanwhile, welcome to New York, USA.

Stephanie Sun called Charlie after finishing her morning training.

Charlie asked after the phone call, “Charlie, did you go to New York?”

“You have reached”.
“What is this, do you have anything to do with me?” Charlie asked with a smile.

“Charlie, someone is bullying me, you have to decide for me!” Stephanie Sun complained.

“Who scared you?” Charlie asked hurriedly.

“It’s a yogi!” Stephanie Sun cried angrily.
They were purchased at a high price by their family-owned company.

I immediately booked a venue for a concert, only to announce that it would be renovated, forcing me to postpone or move the event.
Our theater is almost ready, all the acoustic equipment and theater art have arrived on site.
The location must be changed at this time.
Too late…”

“This bastard did it on purpose!” Charlie cried.
“What is his motive for doing this?”

“He called my visitor and said he wanted to invite me to dinner at home,” Stephanie Sun explained. “I think they must have malicious intent, maybe they suspect that the mushroom’s disappearance is related to me and want to talk to me…”

“What or what?” Charlie asked, frowning a little. That is if you do not accept it. This show had to be postponed because of their invitation? “

“yes!” “They’re threatening me with this now,” Stephanie Sun said angrily. If I don’t go, the concert will most likely be rescheduled.

But there have been so many concerts after me that it has changed one time and another time will change, and even if I postpone this concert beforehand, they will. The same article at the next concert. ”

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