Choose Linux!  7 Reasons Hackers Don’t Choose Windows
Choose Linux! 7 Reasons Hackers Don’t Choose Windows

Choose Linux! 7 Reasons Hackers Don’t Choose Windows

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When we want to buy or install an operating system on a computer or laptop, sometimes we get confused about choosing the right type of operating system to use.

But for those who want to use their laptop or PC for hacking activities, you should choose Linux OS because many professional hackers prefer Linux OS, why?

At the moment, among the many operating systems, there are two that are very popular, including Linux and Windows.

Although Windows is the most used computer/laptop operating system in the world, many hackers prefer Linux over Windows for the following reasons.

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7 Reasons Hackers Don’t Choose Windows as an Operating System

I prefer Linux!  7 Reasons Hackers Don't Choose Windows as an Operating System

1. Easier to install

For people who have often installed Windows and have never installed Linux, of course, the easiest is to install Windows.

But if people who have never installed an operating system for PC/Laptop, they will surely find it easier to install Linux as it has faster boot time and user friendly setup.

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2. Multitasking

    Linux multitasking
Linux multitasking

Hacking activities sometimes require a lot of programs to run simultaneously in which case the Linux operating system is more likely to do so.

Linux was built to be able to run many programs simultaneously or simultaneously without slowing down the performance of other programs.

3. Superior Security

Speaking of the level of security, Linux is expected to have a higher level of security than Windows.

For Windows users among you, you must have felt that some of the files on the device have been corrupted by a virus, so many hackers and even graphic designers prefer Linux as it has a more difficult level of security than virus infection. virus.

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4. Open source

linux open source
linux open source

Open source means that it gives users the freedom to modify the operating system they are using along with the source code of the operating system according to their needs.

Currently 100% Linux Open Source OS and almost every Windows software is owned by Linux.

5. Compatible

An operating system that can support a lot of devices, so you probably didn’t choose the wrong system if you chose Linux.

So more devices can be connected to your device using Linux than Windows.

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6. Stability

Linux stability
Linux stability

So the stability of this high performance is owned by the Linux operating system.

If you often encounter a slow laptop/computer and you have to restart it to be able to recover, it is better to change the OS to Linux because this can be minimized properly.

7. Complete Hacking Tools

The main reason why hackers prefer Linux is that it has complete hacking tools so that it can support hacking activities well.

How interested are you in trying it?

So here are the 7 reasons why hackers prefer Linux over Windows for PC/Laptop, I hope this article will be useful to all of us.

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