Come on, read!  12 ways to avoid cat stress you must understand
Come on, read! 12 ways to avoid cat stress you must understand

Come on, read! 12 ways to avoid cat stress you must understand

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If you notice a change in your cat’s behavior, your cat is likely under stress.

How does a cat not stress

Regular changes in the fact that your cat is a normal pet, such as getting a new pet, going on vacation, or taking her to the vet, can irritate your cat.

The pet feels stressed. Your friend can cause health problems due to your pet’s low immunity, so follow these steps in 12 tips to prevent your cat from stressing out.

1. Be careful if your pet cat is behaving strangely

When your pet is stressed, he will lick his stomach, thighs and front legs. Why do pet cats do things like this? Because when you lick the room, your pet will naturally release morphine which helps him rest and makes him more comfortable.

2. Trim nails and check the health of the fur

Trim your cat’s nails. Usually, your beloved cat can be stressed due to the germs on the cat’s nails. Fleas can bite the skin of pet cats and can irritate the cat’s skin. If a pet cat swallows fleas, it can cause tapeworms to grow in the cat’s body.

If your cat is often irritated, comb the animal’s hair with a head-to-tail tooth comb to remove fleas from the cat’s body. your pet. If you find fleas on your cat’s body, you should pick them up immediately and get rid of them.

To remove fleas from your pet cat, consult your veterinarian for recommendations on a treatment program for your beloved cat. Dust and loose hair from your pets should also be removed to maintain your health.

3. Avoid loud music or loud environment

Turn off the loud music. Favorite cats have sensitive ears that can be hurt by loud music, loud TV, or other noise sources. Make your beloved cat comfortable with noises outside your house such as fireworks or storms. Take your pet cat to the crate area and let the pet take care of you.

4. Understand the right time to entertain

Know when to cheer up your feline pet friend. Some pet cats have strong bonds with their owners and make wonderful companions. However, when a pet is afraid, they usually do not want the owner to interfere with the problem. If your beloved cat is far from you, thinks and whistles, leave your beloved cat for a while.

5. Provide a stable and comfortable environment

Provide a comfortable and safe place for your pet cat friend. If the space you give your pet cat is unsafe or uncomfortable, it may be stressful for your cat. Make room for your beloved cat in a cardboard box or tall tower to play with your beloved cat.

6. Provide a place to hide

Try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in your friend’s house. Lovely cats are very sensitive to changes in their environment. Try to give your beloved cat a calm and peaceful environment. Prepare a safe place for your beloved cat so that your beloved cat has a place to hide.

7. Invitation to play

Invite your beloved cat to play. Give pets a chance to move around to burn off their energy. This is very important for pets. Because pets are generally less aggressive because pets don’t live in the wild. Inviting your pet to play outdoors can help increase the energy you want to release stress hormones in your pet.

8. Offer a variety of games

  • Hide the food you usually give your cat and let him hunt to find his food.
  • Invite your beloved cat to play for 10 minutes.
  • If you have more than one cat, you will have to play with your favorite cat one by one.
  • Use toys for your pet cat. But you should change the type of toys for your pet cat once a week so that your pet cat does not get bored.

9. Provide other entertainment

Provide another kind of entertainment. Put an aquarium in your home so your cat can see the fish swimming in the tank. This includes entertainment for your beloved cat.

10. Avoid competition between cats

Reduce competition between pet cats. If you have more than one cat, do the same with your favorite cat. This is a way to prevent other animals from feeling neglected.

11. Avoid other annoying animals

Something or an animal that is foreign to your cat can make your cat feel threatened.

  • Prevent other animals from entering your home.
  • If your pet cat is outdoors, make sure your cat’s door is closed so that stray cats do not enter your home.
  • If your cat feels pressure to leave the house, close the lower windows so you don’t see your cat outside.

12. Consult a veterinarian

Talk to your vet about vitamins that can relieve stress for your pet feline friend. If your pet cat is very stressed, your pet cat will get sick. So, check in and ask for a vitamin recipe for your pet feline friend.

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