Conservation Efforts, Kulon Progo Creates Event to Hold Batik 2022

Posted on Jogja – The Kulon Progo Regency government held an event called Kulon Progo batik for 2022 in an effort to invite millennials to participate in sustaining the business.

Head of Industry and Trade Office of Kulon Progo, Sudarno, said this activity was very beneficial both for MSME actors and for conservation efforts.

“This activity can also make batik so that it is accepted by all circles, especially millennials who have no interest,” the official website of the Colon Progo Regency government was quoted on Sunday (3/7) as saying.

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According to Sudarno, the activity that took place in Golorigo Hall in Linda District on Wednesday (29/6) can also help in promoting the products of the actors in MSMEs in the batik sector.

Meanwhile, the acting guardian of the Kulon Progo Tri Saktiyana revealed that batik has been in the community for hundreds of years.

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Batik is also an artistic expression that can be applied to clothing in everyday life.

Tri Saktiana said batik is also continuing to experiment with development. For example, the appearance of ceramic motifs.

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“This shows that batik motifs are still attractive and have economic value to improve people’s well-being,” he said.

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