Craftland Week Free Fire, here’s how to complete the mission!
Craftland Week Free Fire, here’s how to complete the mission!

Craftland Week Free Fire, here’s how to complete the mission!

Posted on – Craftland Week Free Fire, here’s how to complete the mission! – As we know, Free Fire game has many modes that can be played, with the aim that you will not be able to play it. Well, one of the most interesting modes is the Craftland mode.

Through this mode, you will be able to create and modify your Free Fire game map as desired. Garena Free Fire is currently holding a Craftland Week mission. In this mission, you will later be able to get Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale Voucher and Incubator Voucher vouchers by playing Craftland FF mode.

There are many players who are looking for a way that they can easily complete this task. So, this time Mimin will explain in detail about it. Therefore, let’s look at the explanation that Mimin will give here to the end, so that there are no errors in its practice.

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Cravland FF

Craftland Week FF

Craftland is one of the modes in Free Fire. Well, Craftland Free Fire mode is a mode where players can create and modify maps. Players can invite friends to play together on the map by creating a room.

Created maps can also be shared with the community, so other FF players can test the map. If a lot of people like the map, it will appear in the recommendations in Craftland mode.

Misi Craftland Week FF

As a FF game developer on the rise, Garena has been shown to provide fun events for gamers. Its name is Craftland Week which will run from June 17 to June 23, 2022. There is still plenty of time to play and follow this mission and win prizes.

If you’ve played in this mode before, you must be familiar with Craftland, right? Moreover, the tasks are very easy like:

  • Play Craftland mode once and the prize is 1 Coupon of Royal Diamonds.
  • Play Craftland twice and the prize will be 2 Royale Weapon Coupons.
  • Playing in Craftland mode 3 times the prize is 2 foster vouchers.

So how? It’s not too hard to do the Craftland Week FF quest, is it? Even missions offer attractive rewards. Who knows, with these coupons, you will be able to win special prizes.

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How to complete Craftland FF quests

Although this Craftland task is very easy, there are still many players who make mistakes in doing it. Because if you do the wrong job, you won’t be counted as playing Craftland, so you can’t claim the coupon.

So how do you complete the right FF Craftland mission? Here’s how to complete the Craftland Free Fire 2022 mission:

  1. First, please open the Free Fire game, and make sure you are logged in with the correct account.
  2. If so, please select the mode, and to select the Craftlank mode, you can click the Craftland button at the bottom.
  3. Next, please choose the map you want to play in Craftland mode.
  4. Then click the Quick Match button, don’t click the Create Room button.
  5. Please play and complete the Craftland match.
  6. Now, after the match is over, you can now enter the Craftland Mission event to claim the voucher.
  7. I did, good luck.

In fact, the mission only states to play up to 3 times to win the Craftland Week FF event prize. Now, if this happens, you can play at least 5 times to the end in order to be able to receive the prizes.

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Well, here is the article Mimin can share this time around about Craftland Week Free Fire. We hope that the information Mimin provided above was helpful and added insight for all of you. You may use the above information to the best of your ability.

Therefore, do not miss article updates from Mimin every day, because Mimin provides a lot of information about today’s games, technology and information. That’s it, see you soon and thank you for visiting

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