Daily money earning site directly for an account without capital
Daily money earning site directly for an account without capital

Daily money earning site directly for an account without capital

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money making site – Besides having apps and games that can earn money, now you can also earn money through the site.

Because of this pandemic, everyone is feeling the impact, especially on the economy.

In 2021, the Indonesian economy will experience a recession of about 5.32 points in the first and second periods.

Surely everyone has exhausted their minds thinking about how to get extra money.

There are those who only think about getting pocket money, and there are also those who want to help the family economy.

With the fall in income, of course, people’s purchasing power also decreases, they would rather survive.

This is based on the declining purchasing power of the people, but there is no harm in trying to find additional sources of income.

Well, in this article, we are going to introduce some reliable and profitable website directories that are easy to try.

Come on, see the following description.

Recommended money making sites

Here are the recommendations of the money making sites that are proven to pay their users and you can try them out.

1. New Plus Digital Bank

money earning site

The site or app that you can use to earn extra money is Neo Plus Digital Bank.

Neo Plus is actually a digital bank that you can use to make all kinds of payments like electricity, water, etc.

You can also transfer money to your friend’s bank account without any administration fee.

Additionally, the Neo Plus app or website also offers direct prizes in the form of Rs 20,000k credit to users who have just downloaded it.

The way you can visit the link directly over here and enter a unique code QBYPJ2 To claim cash up to 10 million rupees.

2. Trancibleme

money earning site

The profitable site that becomes the next recommendation is Transcibleme.

Transcibleme is an online transcription website where you will later be rewarded for transcribing documents.

Therefore, this site is widely used by businessmen or professionals for transcribing written meeting documents.

So, to become a transcriber, you can quickly take the test from Transcibleme.

If you pass the test, you will be placed in the queue of the transcription project provided by the site.

Transcibleme earnings range from $15 to $22 an hour.

You will receive weekly payments for each completed project.

3. Fiverr

money earning site

Fiverr is a website that makes money with no capital through freelance work.

However, there is one thing that sets it apart from most other free sites.

If a customer advertises on another site that they are looking for work instead of Fiverr, you create the ad and the customer looks for you.

This unique system will greatly facilitate your work.

Because you don’t have to worry about clients’ programs or projects here and there.

To do this, you need to make your success profile as attractive as possible and express your knowledge and experience clearly and concisely.

The payment system is the same as on other free sites, you can withdraw your balance via PayPal or direct bank transfer.

4. OpinionWorld

money earning site

OpinionWorld is an Indonesian online market research website that can be an additional source of income for you.

This site is very popular, 2 million surveys are filled out every month and surveyors pay a total of 5 billion rupees to survey participants.

Therefore, to take a survey, you will receive an invitation to take a survey at your registered email address.

Scan work usually takes about 5-15 minutes.

If you have, then later you will get points that will be sent to your account.

Points earned may vary depending on the difficulty level of the survey.

The most surprising thing is that you can earn 300 points in one survey.

If you’ve collected a lot, points can be exchanged for cash or coupons for Blibli and Tokopedia purchases.

Every 1000 points equals $10.

5. ACX-com

money earning site

This fourth money earning site is ACX-com.

ACX is a website powered by Bookaudio Speakers.

So if you have a great voice and you like to read books then what is the harm in using this app to make money.

You just need to register and create an account first.

Next, you look for the narrator test presented and record a few minutes of text using your real voice.

Once selected, you will work closely with the person in charge of the project.

At the end of the project, you will be paid as per the agreement.

6. Raja Backlink

money earning site

Are you a blogger? An easy way to make money on this blog is by registering your blog on Rajabacklink.

Rajabacklink is a high-quality search site that is very popular among bloggers.

So that the blog you publish acts as a backlink for marketers.

Registration is also very easy, just fill out the Rajabacklink registration form and create your account.

Then add your blog page to the newly created account.

Then wait for the blog review process. The verification process generally takes less than a day.

Once approved, a blog rating will be shown based on the quality of the blog.

This commission is determined by the manager Rajabacklink, the higher the DA PA of the blog, the higher it will go.

Also, the price you get for these backlinks may be higher than other sites.

7. 2captcha.com

money earning site

You can also earn money from 2captcha website, this website has captcha entry task.

This website is required by large companies for various purposes, for example to collect reliable data.

For every 1000 captchas entered, you can earn 1 dollar.

If you have the ability to write quickly and carefully, then this site is suitable for making money without capital.

The 2captcha website will also make payments to your 2captcha account.

You can withdraw the accumulated balance in several ways, such as Advcash, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and others.

8. Poin-Web

money earning site

The fifth profitable site we will discuss is Twicht.

Twicht is a website widely used by gamers to play games.

While you are there, you can play video games through online play.

If you are a professional gamer and can give advice on a particular game, your channel will have a lot of subscribers/followers.

Twich has a lot of user traffic using this site.

As with any Google or Netflix app, this will also increase the popularity of your channel.

Thus, you can earn a lot of money on this site.

But you have to follow these steps if you want to make money.

  • First, you will receive a donation from a PayPal user.
  • Second, you can earn extra money by referring other people to Twicht using your referral code.
  • Third, if there are interested customers, you will be asked to be an influencer to promote your product.
  • Fourth, you can also open an online store and sell the products you have.

9. Sosiago.id


If you are a content creator or influencer, be it a blog, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, try signing up with Sosiago.

Sosiago is a website that allows content creators and influencers to create successful campaigns for business owners.

How can I register to become an influencer in Sociago? its very easy.

Just enter your email address, first name, last name and password.

Then enter your personal account information and information about the channel you will use for the campaign.

Then add the price you offer to publish the company’s campaign.

For those who are still beginners, don’t set the price too high first.

We recommend submitting an offer to owners of available campaigns.

If you’re selected, just follow the general guidelines for publishing your campaign, whether it’s a blog post, Instagram photo, or YouTube video.

In either case, the campaign owner will later pay the prize to your Sosiogo account balance.

In the second week of every Thursday, the balance will be sent to your personal account.

Very simple and easy, isn’t it?

The last word

These are some of the lists of the latest and most trusted money-making and fund-balance sites. You can choose the one you think is right for you.

Thank you for visiting our website, specifically https://www.eralandgroup.co.id/ And wait for other latest technology information from us.

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