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Who does not know Diaa Anisa. The beautiful Jakarta-born actress has been working in the entertainment world since she was a little girl.

Before becoming an actress, she started her career as a model and starred in diaper commercials.

Then in 1999, he made his acting debut by starring in soap operas Millennium Man Banner By playing a character named Dea.

Despite his young age, he managed to attract the attention of the public. Furthermore, he continued to receive offers to play soap operas, since he was a child until he reached adulthood.

Some of the series he starred in are: honor (2000-2004), daughter cry (2004-2005), Miss Ranga (2009), I am not an illegitimate child (2013) and The most beautiful light (2019).

In 2013, he began offering to play in films. It was his first movie Night of a thousand months Where she played the role of Aisha.

Once again, she has succeeded in her career as a big screen actress. He once again starred in other movie titles, such as crazy soul (2016) and first marriage (2021).

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Biography, Profile & Facts of Claudia Anissa

(Photo: instagram / deaaannisa)

Biometric data and profile

  • Full name: Claudia Anissa
  • Stage Name: Zia Anisa, Zia Imot
  • Alias: Dia
  • Place and date of birth: Jakarta, February 28, 1996
  • Indonesian Nationality
  • Education: SMA Negeri 38 Jakarta
  • Islam
  • to rise: –
  • Parents: Syamsul Reynald (Father), Masayo Shirani (Mother)
  • the brothers: –
  • Girlfriend: Fouzan Nasr (2013), Bhakti Perkasa (2016), Mateo Ibalza Ramirez (2019)
  • Profession: Actress, singer
  • Hobbies: singing
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter : Tweet embed
  • Instagram: @deaannisa
  • TikTok: @deaaannisa
  • YouTube:-

Interesting facts

  • He did not appear on television for a long time, he continued his education in South Korea due to his scholarship. Majoring in the field of cooking.
  • In 2012, he filed a lawsuit against the production company that inhabited him. He was disappointed with the contract agreement that was made not according to the initial agreement in the series High.
  • He dropped out of school due to excessive shooting hours, so he didn’t get enough rest.
  • Victim of an accident. He was driving with his assistant and suddenly someone on the right hit his car.
  • He loves extreme sports, i.e. wall climbing. He even had time to feel muscle soreness due to the exercise.
  • Dee had to lose her father while in South Korea. It is known that his father died as a result brain attack.
  • His Ex-Girlfriend, Mateo Ibalza Ramirez, is from Colombia. They met in South Korea.
  • He has blood of Palembang origin.
  • Once he joined a vocal group called Tiga Bocah Cute as a child.
  • In high school, he was a member of the paskibra.
  • Rumors circulated with the handsome actor Maxim Potter.

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Pictures of Dia Anissa

1. The more mature he is, the more beautiful he is

Biography, Profile & Interesting Facts of Dea Annisa

(Photo: instagram / deaannisa)

2. Always appear in age-appropriate style

Biography, Profile & Interesting Facts of Dea Annisa

(Photo: instagram / deaannisa)

3. The picture is a side view that looks charming

Biography, Profile & Facts of Claudia Anissa

(Photo: instagram / deaaannisa)

4. His look can make you squeak

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(Photo: instagram / deaaannisa)

5. Look elegant using dress floral patterns

The role of Tasia in the series Ajmal Nour

(Photo: instagram.com/deaaannisa)

Although Dhea Annisa has been on hiatus because she had to finish her studies abroad, she hasn’t just disappeared from the entertainment world. Having completed his education, he returned to actively participate in many films, TV series and FTV.

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