Does one pray to be killed in Mecca or Medina?
Does one pray to be killed in Mecca or Medina?

Does one pray to be killed in Mecca or Medina?

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The prayer of the dead in Mecca
Every believer Muslim longs to die in Mecca or Medina. Photo: Mahmoud Hams

If my breath ends in that holy land, thank God. There is a tomb that saw the Messenger of God, the companions who were promised paradise, the followers and the great scholars. Everyone longed to be buried in the Holy Land, and even prayed for sustenance in Mecca or Medina. What distinguishes death in the Holy Land compared to the land of birth? Can we ask for death?

All time and space is God, and we will bury one day if faith in God is strong in the heart, then God will bless and reward him with heaven. Faith alone is an important factor in obtaining God’s grace.

But in Islam there is also the concept of a place and a glorious day. There are places mentioned in the hadith to receive mercy from God, such as Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. Ramadan is the month of mercy, and Friday is the first day, and the day of Arafa (all sins are forgiven).

Everything that happens on a holy day or in a holy place has its privileges but faith is still dominant. If there is faith then the special reward of space or time can be enjoyed. Without faith all these rewards will not happen.

God mentioned him in Surat At-Tawbah, so if a hypocrite lives in Medina and dies, he will not be able to help him at all. God’s word,

“And those around you from the hypocritical Arabs and some of the people of Medina; (At-Tawbah: 101).

What characterizes death in the Holy Land of Mecca and Medina and that many yearn for? The lecturer at the Islamic Academy of the Islamic University of Selangor College (KUIS), Amzan Satyman, first explained, the place is sacred ground. Both his tomb.

There is a hadith that mentions that His Majesty died in Medina. The prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:

“Whoever of you dies in the city, stay there. Rather, whoever dies there, I will be his witness or intercessor on the Day of Resurrection.” (Fiqh us Sunah- Syed Saabiq).

When the Messenger of God saw this speech, some scholars denounced, for example Imam al-Nawawi’s request from us to ask and intend to die in Medina or in Mecca.

Because of this word, Omar Al-Khattab also prayed for the death sustenance in Medina. This is a prayer that Umar recited when he heard the words of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace:

“Oh God, grant me martyrdom in fighting for the sake of your religion. And make my death in the forbidden land see your message.”

There is a narration that says: The Companions during the Hajj hurried to Medina because they feared death in Mecca. Most of them want to die in Medina because of the previous hadith, although Mecca has its advantages, but they still want Medina as the last place to travel in the world.

Many expect Mecca or Medina to be their last destination in the world.

In fact, we are allowed to die and to pray for death in Mecca and Medina. But in the beginning, it is not permissible to pray, ask, or intend to die if it is because of the hardships that befallen. It is not permissible to ask for death unless the calamity that befell him is no longer bearable by the body, provided that it relies on God.

Prayer dies to endure misfortune

The prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:

“Do not aspire to die because of a misfortune that has befallen you if you cannot avoid it, pray.” Oh God, protect me, as long as life is better for me. And kill me as long as death is better for me.”

If the ordeal is unbearable, he can ask for death with this prayer. Life is a gift from God. As servants, we must enjoy every gift from God and always strive to obtain God’s approval.

And God knows and knows what is best for His servants. The decision that is made must be supported and submitted to his destiny.

If death is better for me to be this way it is about faith. There are also companions who face adversity in transmitting the religion, which is the prayer that the Messenger taught.

Another, how do we know that death is best for us and that life brings ugliness. No one knows what is best for his servants except God. The prayer that the Prophet taught is the best prayer for the preservation of faith.

More importantly, we cannot ask for death because it is the nature of despair. In Islam, one does not despair of God’s mercy. The Word of God Surah Yusuf: 87

“…and do not despair of God’s mercy and help. Only infidels despair of God’s mercy and help.” .


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