Download Battleground Mobile India 5.1.10 for Android
Download Battleground Mobile India 5.1.10 for Android

Download Battleground Mobile India 5.1.10 for Android

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is an action and adventure game that takes you to an island full of players trying to survive.

After jumping out of the plane and landing on the ground, you have to traverse a map full of enemies. At all times, you need to pay attention, watch and make sure that none of the competitors can be surprised when looking for weapons.

Before going to war and looking for enemies in every direction, it would be good to equip weapons according to your abilities and skills.

After the war equipment is complete and ready for action, it is there where you need to eliminate the enemy by hiding in every gap in the landing environment.

Download Battleground Mobile India 5.1.10 for Android

A gameplay that offers online war and survival among other players by cooperating with 4 players in a map with 100 participating players.

With a strategy game and survive to the end of the game and let one team be the winner, you have to put the other team aside to be the champion in Battleground mobile India.

Visually, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has stunning 3D graphics. In addition, the controls are perfectly adapted to touch screens so that you can easily use every weapon you find to attack your opponent.

Players will find dozens of pistols, rifles, and shotguns to use against enemies in each round. Likewise, players will also find bladed weapons and explosives that will also come in handy from time to time.

In addition to other equipment, you will also find blood boosters and stamina drinks to strengthen your blood when fighting in the zone circuit.

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