Dried Orchid Viral Business 2022 ‘Sales of Hundreds of Millions’
Dried Orchid Viral Business 2022 ‘Sales of Hundreds of Millions’

Dried Orchid Viral Business 2022 ‘Sales of Hundreds of Millions’

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Tanjunglegend.com- Hey friends, Tanjung is back with the official who will give you the latest information about 2022 viral dried orchid business ‘ sales of hundreds of millions.

Some people think lizards are silly and useless animals.

But did you know, in Kertasura Village, Kapetakan District, Cirebon Regency, West Java, lizards have become an export commodity with a turnover of hundreds of millions of rupees per month.

The animal that used to stay in the walls of residents’ homes turned out to be a cash field for local residents.

Cirebon Dried Lizard Business Viral 2022

Cirebon Unique Dried Orchid Company Successfully Penetrates China Market - Bisnis Liputan6.com

Subande, a resident of Kirtasura village who works in the field, admitted that he has been collecting wet lizards for more than twelve years and has sent them abroad.

The lizards that Subandi sells are dead lizards and undergo a drying process before being sent abroad.

“Yes, I have been in this field for almost 13 years, with a monthly turnover of hundreds of millions of rupees,” he said (25/7/2022) when iNewsCirebon.id met him.

In its place, Subande employs 20 employees who are local residents.

“There is a section for defining the drying process, there is a section for opening and a section for packaging,” he said.

Subande admitted that he purchased lizards from a number of districts in Cirebon, Indramayu, Karawang to Pribes, Central Java.

“We usually absorb lizard bases from a number of lizard collectors at a price of Rs. 52 thousand kg.”

While the lizards that have gone through the drying process to packing, Subandi sells at Rs. 380 thousand perkilonya with intact quality still has a tail.

“It also depends on the quality, if those are still intact, we call them grade A at Rs. 380 thousand, while for grade B at Rs. 280 thousand.”

Lizard drying process in Kirtasura village
Subandi used to sell dried lizards to China, because it was the only country he knew of that accepted these dried lizards.

“For sales and shipping to China, my sister takes care of that,” he said.

Subande revealed that he did not find any obstacles while running his business.

“Thank God, so far there have been no obstacles, even my brothers and sisters around the Kapitakan sub-district took part in this work,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Kaweka, an organ from Kirtasura village in Kapitakan District, said the work involving residents is very beneficial to local people in improving the community’s economy.

He concluded, “We hope that in the future China will not only receive the dried orchid, but there will be other countries, and thus job opportunities for local people will increase.”

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Maybe that’s all the administrator can provide in the information this time 2022 viral dried orchid business ‘ sales of hundreds of millions. For those who would like more information, you can visit the official management website at www.tanjunglegend.com.

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