Drowned while out for a walk with three cousins

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JELI – The joy of a man hiking with his three cousins ​​at the Lata Reniot here today ended in tragedy when he slipped into the river before drowning.

It is understood that the victim, Izham Muhammad Saupi, 24, of Kampung Baru Lubok Stol, Rantau Panjang wanted to go ashore after taking a shower, but slipped before being swept away by the river current.

Head of Geely Fire and Rescue Station, Mohamed. When contacted, Adani Ibrahim said his party received an emergency call about the incident at 12.10 p.m.

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According to him, when the firefighters arrived on the scene, the victim was taken ashore by the public.

Health officials who arrived at the scene confirmed the victim’s death.

“The body was handed over to the police before being sent to Geely Hospital for an autopsy,” he said. – Cosmo! Online

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Source: Cosmo Online

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