“easier [$8,500] I’ve Made: Pro Revenge necessitates after an engineer put his business to the test as the company refused to pay him
“easier [$8,500] I’ve Made: Pro Revenge necessitates after an engineer put his business to the test as the company refused to pay him

“easier [$8,500] I’ve Made: Pro Revenge necessitates after an engineer put his business to the test as the company refused to pay him

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It is perfectly normal practice for any company to reduce expenses and increase profits. This is actually the way any company in the world operates and has done so for thousands of years.

But the not-so-nice thing about this is the fact that some companies use shady tactics, like “Oh, I’m sorry, but we can’t pay you for work you’re practically about to do, so sorry for wasting your time, we’ll take it from here.”

Otherwise you will not do that. Because you played your part by hiring a smart guy who knows how to tinker with specialized machines whose engineers don’t.

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Companies are interested in saving money, but spoiling employees is not the way forward as employees can spoil the business

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The story goes that manufacturing machinery engineer Confident Lime on Reddit worked for a company dealing with machinery manufacturing. After he left, a client somehow got him, and honestly didn’t care that he was no longer working there. The company offered double the pay for a weekend job installing one machine and performing some maintenance on another machine on site. a great offer. He took it.

So, he got there and went to her. However, he was interrupted after about 6 hours of work only to be told that the promised budget for his services wouldn’t actually happen, so there was a “sorry” and the guy who told him the sad news said their engineers would take from there.

One engineer almost became a victim of this tension, but reminded the company that without it, their machines would be toaster

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This was frustrating for the OP, to say the least. So he chose revenge. But not just any kind of revenge. No, that’s not how you smash the machine. He was cunning as heck.

You see, there’s this little bit of fine print that says if a particular part of the machinery was partially installed by anyone other than the certified engineer, ie the supplier the OP used to work with, they couldn’t be involved any more because they couldn’t They can guarantee the safety of parts and objects.

However, they can send the instructions to the buyer to install the machine by themselves to save money. But the mentioned instructions are a complicated mess, so it is better to do it through the appropriate channels.

The OP was told he wouldn’t charge, so he made the machine unusable without breaking it, but rather soft lock in a sense

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Since the OP was halfway through the process, there was no way on earth the authorized people could be involved, so it was all up to the client’s engineers. The impulse here was that they didn’t know something called “test mode”.

Test mode is exactly what it sounds like — a mode used to test a device. However, when you set it up, it only works in this specific mode, not allowing the device to work “properly”, which is what the client would have liked to do. Well, the OP did just that and left.

Of course, the engineers came and tried to finish the job, but they couldn’t get the machine to work as it was supposed to. So on Monday the OP’s phone was hot with calls, but he let them out for a few days.

enabled test mode This won’t go away until you actually remove it, but the company’s engineers didn’t know about it

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What eventually happened, though, was that the OP was asked to “fix” it for $8,500 (£7,000), thus ultimately winning.

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When he finally picked up, the man was furious. short and Shout Back and forth later, the boss man was forced to pay the OP on his terms – £7,000, or just over $8,500, up front. “I’ve never felt this strong before,” the OP said.

So, the money fell into his account, came the next day, spent 20 minutes deactivating the test mode, pack up and leave. The look on their faces was priceless, and the moral of the story was that you never mess with the pros because they will mess with you even harder.

People online got a good start to the story, wishing the OP had made even bigger revenge there

This, in turn, prompted many commentators to share similar stories in the comments. This is besides those who said he could have made them pay more by adding in an increasing daily rate, and those who had engineering impulses raging with enthusiasm for revenge in parts of their bodies for how satisfied their engineering selves were.

Needless to say, the story was a hit on Reddit, garnering 12,200 upvotes and just over 20 Reddit awards. You can check out the post and all the comments here, or have a look at other types of pro or amateur revenge stories or any other kind of revenge stories here.

But, before you leave us and we have to avenge your sudden departure, we really appreciate your comment on the story, characters, geometry or anything else of interest in the comments section below!

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