Endome compensation and how to claim
Endome compensation and how to claim

Endome compensation and how to claim

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Inforakyat.id Indium is always compensated and how to claim is often unknown to its customers. Although this method is very important in order to get compensation for a very harmful outage. Along with the advancement of the digital world, almost all human needs today require the Internet. So ISPs arose to meet the needs of the community.

Indihome is PT Telkom Indonesia’s leading provider of fixed broadband services. In addition to the development in the field of internet networks, it also serves the community’s need for television entertainment with Indihome TV. People really like it because it has many excellent features that attract and satisfy the customers.

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Although they already have a long flying time in the internet world of this country. But in reality, they still suffer from disorders that make clients feel deprived. Like some time ago, the Indihome network was down due to damaged undersea cables. Lots of customers complain either via email or social media. Because the decrease in the network is about 90 percent than usual.

This slow connection makes many customers who use the Internet suffer a great loss. For this reason, Telkom offers compensation to compensate customers for losses. What compensation will the customer receive?

  1. Payment time allowance

Compensation for leniency in the payment date. What usually matures on 20 is changed to 25. However, this is only valid for September 2021.

  1. raise fines

Another compensation is the lifting of fines for late payment. However, not all customers receive this compensation. It adapts the service guarantee to each customer according to the area affected by the damage of the submarine cable.

  1. Unlock all Indihome channels

In addition to the above two things, Indihome will also unlock all channels as compensation. The method is very easy, customers just need to restart the STB. After rebooting, you can immediately enjoy all the channels owned by Indihome.

With the three compensation that Indihome offers, it is hoped that it can address customer disappointment and not make the decision to opt out. In addition, Indihome is also improving the service to be better and more satisfying.

How to claim Indihome compensation

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