Example of UAS Questions for Religion in Elementary School Grade 2 PG and Essays in 2022

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Peace be upon you friends rumussoal.com It will provide material about Examples of UAS Questions for Elementary School Religion for Grade 2 – Academic Year 2020/2021, Semester 1 and 2 Multiple Choice Questions and Essays, for Elementary School Level.

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends, Below we provide examples of completed UAS Islamic Religious Education Questions for the academic year 2020/2021, this article is made to prepare for the final exam for the first and second semester.

Take a look at our article below…?

Uas/Pas . question exercise


Example of religion exam questions in primary school / pass second grade


a. Multiple choice questions

Mark (x) the multiple choice questions below…?

1. The saying of the verse “God is the only one” explains that.
a. God Kareem
B. God Almighty
c. Allah is the greatest

2. God can be interpreted as the owner.
a. Base
B. Loving
c. the love

3. Kaita asks a must.
a. angel
B. Prophet
c. God

4. God loves His servants who always do this.
a. Good
B. lazy
c. hard den

5. God has the names of Hosni Ar-Rahman can be interpreted as.
a. the love
B. Loving
c. hex

6. The humility of those actions.
a. commendable
B. vile, vile
c. lovable

7. Humility is referred to as.
a. compromise
B. Tawaduk
c. proud

8. Musrik means part of nature.
a. Connecting partners with God
B. believe in GOD
c. people obey

9. The mark on the reading of the dmma movements is.
a. Return the message
B. middle letter
c. above the message

10. If we read the Qur’an is required.
to me. send
B. wash your hands
c. ablution

11. Ablution can cleanse us from.
a. fairy kiss
B. small Hadas
c. dirt

12. Below is called water and it is not.
a. pee
B. water fountain
c. Is raining

13. After reading Al-Fatihah, continue reading the verse.
a. surah quran
B. prostrate
c. Read the paper

14. Number of alphabets.
a. 29
B. 27
c. 30

15. The antithesis of so-called humility.
a. Sompong
B. yes
c. the assistant

16. God has a good and beautiful name called.
a. Asaboon hostel
B. Ismail Hasna |
c. was asbol

17. The name Hassan is called in Asma Al Husna.
a. twenty
B. 99
c. 100

18. If we pray without a purgatory, our prayer is called.
a. legal
B. mi
c. Invalid

19. In ablution it is referred to as.
a. clean and beautiful
B. the point
c. salary

20. Washing hands in ablution is called.
a. wrist
B. arm base
c. attached

21. It is called a person who invalidates ablution.
a. to eat
B. drink it
c. fart

22. In Takbiratul ihram both hands are raised when reading.
a. Allahu akbar
b. Allahussamad
c. Sami’Allah

23. Tasyahud can be used in the first recitation when the prayer is called.
a. collar
b. Magrib
c. captivate

24. A simple life means no admiration.
a. simpan
B. Poros
c. Economic

25. The form of saving is one of the signs.
a. moah
B. pampered
c. easy

26. The form of the letter ra in the authentic letters is.
a. h
b. R
c. Dr

27. Aperture numbering produces a letter with its text.
a. a
B. I
c. You are

28. If we meet the teacher, we must.
a. clap hands
b. Salam
c. Hello teacher

29. The sign on reading Tasydid makes the letters appear correct.
a. Dobel
B. death
c. long

30. People who pray other than God Almighty is called.
a. relapse
B. polytheists
c. folk doctor

B. Essay selection questions

1. Obedience to all of God’s commandments is referred to as an attribute…

2. The love of reading the Qur’an is an act…

3. Mention the contents and contents of Surat Al-Fatihah…

4. List the number of pillars of faith…

5. Mention the number of pillars of Islam…

6. Mention the number of units of Maghrib prayer…

7. Mention the number of units of Fajr prayer.

8. When supplicating, it is an attitude…

9. Mention the number of verses in the letter of Surat Al-Fatihah…

10. Mention how many verses in Surat Al-Ikhlas…

In a moment, my friends, discussion about an example of UAS questions about religion for 2nd grade in elementary school, I hope what we have said is useful and helps us all, thank you very much.

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