Explain what are the functions of formal letters
Explain what are the functions of formal letters

Explain what are the functions of formal letters

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Fungsi.co.idexplain anything function of formal letters Service letters are types of letters that contain matters relating to officials of certain institutions or organizations. Service letters are often interpreted as formal letters.

According to the Big Dictionary of Indonesia (KBBI), official letters are letters sent by the government office (free of charge).

Explain what are the functions of formal letters

Letters of service are sent by agencies to agencies or to individuals for service purposes. This formal letter can be in the form of announcements, permits, letters of assignment, etc.

For this reason, formal letters are not written in the name of an individual or a person. Formal letters are issued by agents, institutions or organizations.

Formal letters are often used as one of the formal letters for official purposes. When preparing them, formal speeches must be carried out in accordance with established rules and regulations, especially in the use of standard language. Here is a summary of the formal letter functions that you should know.

Definition of formal speech

A service letter is a formal letter issued by an agency or organization for the purpose of service. Or the definition of a formal letter is a letter that contains formal problems and is usually a letter from an agent or institution.

The contents of the service letter are intended for service purposes, both governmental and private. Because the service function does not only apply to government, but also applies to enterprises or private enterprises. The content is usually in the form of actions such as submitting advertisements, submitting permits, giving assignments, and others.

Therefore, if there is a letter sent from one party to another whose contents relate to the interests of the duties or service activities of an enterprise, then such a letter is called an official letter. Why is it called formal speech? Because writing a formal letter written in the official language and format.

function of formal letters

Some of the functions of formal letters are as follows:

  • As proof of work, such as an instruction letter, permission letter, or decision letter.
  • As a reminder, because this message can be used as an archive for agents.
  • As evidence of agency or agency development.
  • As a guide especially the agreement.
  • and others.

Elements of a formal letter

1. Letterhead or Letterhead

The full letterhead consists of:

  • customer name
  • the full address
  • Telephone number
  • PO Box number.
  • Corporate identity logo.

2. message date

In formal letters, the date of the message is located at the top right, top left, or bottom right. The place name does not need to be entered in the date of the official letter because the place name is already on the header or letterhead.

The name of the month and year, written in full without dots as a suffix.


3. About the message

The problem/in relation to the message is the content or gist of the message in a nutshell. Regarding the form of a phrase that begins with capital letters, does not end with a period, and is not underlined.

4. reference number

A letter of service is a formal letter. The letter must be given the letter number, symbol and year. Every agency or institution has a code or sequence of writing symbols in writing letter numbers.


5. appendix

Appendices are abbreviated as “lamp” or written in full. When writing, the details are all written with letters, not numbers.


6. mailing address

When writing a mailing address, there are several things to obey, namely:

  • The title of the letter is addressed directly to the official and not in the name of the official office.
  • If you already use “for” followed by the position and organization or “for” followed by words and the name of the person involved, do not use the word “dear.” So use one. Choose one of the words “or” dear.
  • Writing a salutation name (eg, sir, madam, or brother) does not need to follow the title of the position. Then in writing the salutation, it should be used in front of the name of the person written in the mailing address.
  • Street names are not allowed if they are abbreviated.
  • Writing the address of the letter’s destination does not end the period.


  • 2 memories of a high school principal
  • Nusantara Road 542 Jakarta

7. I opened the message

The opening letter was written in several forms. These differences include:

If as a notification or request

  1. We hereby inform you…
  2. We hereby announce…
  • If as a reply message
  1. Reply to your letter dated…
  2. With regard to your letter dated…, the number… is hereby notified…
  • character to dot on character base
  1. Based on circulated messages…
  2. Regarding the message…
  • Messages stating a purpose
  1. In memory of …
  2. In an effort to improve…

8. Message content

It contains the essence of the message or things to be sent in the message.

9. Close

Conclusion of writing on formal letters There are also rules that must be known, and the rules include:

  • After the word the word is entered in a comma (,).
  • There are differences in the phrase.
  • It contains thanks and wishes and shows the stated reality.

General characteristics of formal letters

Although the official letter from each agency has its own characteristics and conditions, there are some characteristics of standard service that must be followed. The characteristics of this formal letter distinguish it from other letters. The general characteristics of formal letters include:

  • There is a letterhead from the institution, company or institution.
  • The letterhead represents the identity of the company, organization, or agency that has been created. The letterhead usually contains the logo, company name, address, phone number and contact agent to be contacted.

1. There are opening and closing greetings

This opening salutation is a sign of opening the conversation to the message and is an ADO salute as a sign of respect for the message. The commonly used opening salutation is a respectful phrase. While the function of the speech cover is to close the conversation or the contents of the message. Greetings also serve as a style to be respected.

2. There is a letter number

The letter number is the serial number of the letter issued by the relevant institution that usually contains a postal code. The function of the character number is to mark and make it easier to know how many characters have been spent, to facilitate the memorization of the message, so that the character is easy to find again if necessary, and to facilitate the archiving employee to do his work.

3. There is an attachments and topic section

An attachment is something that complements the letters in the form of supporting documents and is a union of sequential letters. Regarding the function of giving instructions to the recipient of the message regarding the main problem of the message. Usually the subject is the purpose of composing a letter, for example of the letter is an invitation if the letter is intended to be a letter of invitation. You can understand the appendix and about this better after looking at some examples of official letters below.

4. Stamp and Signing Agency

The function of the signature is to ascertain the identification or verification of the characteristics of the signer relating to the ownership of the official letter issued. While the seal itself acts as the identity or identity for the agency or company that issued the letter. With the ketetum character seal it will be stronger.

Formal letter requirements

Some points for making formal letters, which include the following:

  • The format of the letters must be consistent with the format of the official letter.
  • The message contents do not take long to get directly to the point they want to convey.
  • The language used should be formal, polite and easy for the reader to understand.
  • The letter should depict the agency or institution that created it.

type of formal letter

After knowing the characteristics and functions of formal letters, of course you also need to know the types of general formal letters that you come across. Here are the types of formal letters you need to know:

1. letter of request

A power of attorney is a type of service letter whose contents show the authority or authority of a particular party with another party entrusted with it because the author cannot perform an activity or task so that it is delegated to the designated recipient of authority.

There are two types of powers of attorney that also have a different legal basis, namely general power of attorney and special power of attorney. Public powers of attorney are regulated in Article 1796 of the Penal Code. Meanwhile, the special powers of lawyers are regulated in Article 1795 of the Civil Code.

2. guarantee

A guarantee for this type of service will be issued by an agent or party in a higher position or position containing instructions to subordinates or employees. Written common orders are official travel letters, notes for overtime, and many more.

3. cover letter

The next type of formal letter is a cover letter. A cover letter is a type of formal letter that is used to give something with the intent that the person receiving it will know the purpose of the thing they received.

4. circular message

The next type of service is circulars. Generalizations are generally made to target specific groups where the content is in the form of notification of certain activities or things, either to some people or to many parties at once. Publications can be easily found in schools, such as announcing leaflets for exams being screened for parents of students.

This is a little discussion about explain anything function of formal letters We hope this discussion added insight and knowledge for all of us, and we thank you for listening to our review. If you found our review helpful, please share it :).

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