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konsumtif.comFree Download Cool Business Card Template Vector. To make it easier to make business cards, in this article I will share download links for ready-made vector business card templates. You just change enough in Photoshop or mom’s program.

Proof of being serious about trading is owning a business card. The business card shows that your business is professional. As an effective form of promotion for the business you run, I think it is essential to have a business card.

Business card ownership currently includes offline promotional media which is still effective. We can exchange business cards at certain event locations such as: fairs, interviews, community gatherings, markets, private gatherings, etc. With a business card, you will be able to make it easier for others to remember the existence of your business and also of course you will have the opportunity to connect with other people and collaborate with your business.

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So for those of you who own any business, it is important to have a business card. But of course a business card so that you can grab the attention of others, then you have to design a business card in this way. Business card is the brand of your company, if business card is bad, other people usually do not want to pay attention to it.

Vector card template in PSD, AI, and EPS formats

You have to know that making business cards is not easy, even though we have graphic skills. Not to mention that we have the tools to print them. To create the same business card, two graphic design programs will be used, namely the kernel, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

It is not easy to create business cards using kernel or Photoshop. If you carelessly create a business card, perhaps using an Office program can work as well. Meanwhile, if you want to create a complete business card with a beautiful design, you should use special graphic design software such as Street Fighter, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

You don’t have to worry about design problems anymore, because there are many examples of beautiful business card designs with sophistication of technology prevalent on the internet. Examples of these business card designs can be had for a fee and they are also very free. Following this design example, we can use it as inspiration in making business cards.

What is a vector format file?

Files created from Photoshop, instances, and kernel programs are usually called vector files. Adobe Photoshop will create a PSD file. This means that if we process the image with Adobe Photoshop, the default format will be triggered when the default format is saved. This way, the PSD file will only be opened and played with Photoshop.

PD format files are different from CDR format files, usually CDR files if we created them in the latest version limit, we can’t open them in previous core component versions. When creating and opening a PSD file that is not related to your version of Adobe Photoshop.

Apart from PSD and CDMA, there are also AI formats. We format this file to create great images in Adobe programs. Just like the UK, any AI file can be opened with any version of Adobe Lecturer.

It will save all the image information in a PSD file and also has the Photoshop editing application processing editing function. This means that if we want to re-edit the image file in Photoshop in the future, we will have to save the image file in PSD format.

Similar to Adobe’s confirmation, we save it in AI or EPS format so that the file can be edited again.

No quality will be affected when we save files in PSD and AI format. This means that during the process of saving PSD and AI formats, the process of saving PSD and AI files multiple times though everything will change.

File size issues, PSD and AI formats usually have a larger size than the images we save as JPEG, JPG, and PNG.

Download ready-to-use vector business card templates

If at this time you have found an idea to create a beautiful business card, here I will share a business card template file in PSD and AI format. Then you make a simple design change using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe lecturer software.

You can get this Psalm and AI business card template for free. This template is available in more than 50 templates. Regardless of the version of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe shown, you will be able to change the entire business card template file.

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