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Free Unused XL Coupon Code July 2022 Today! – XL is a well-known provider in Indonesia that offers various promotions and Internet package options, one of which is in the form of vouchers.

With this free XL coupon code, you can later get internet data packages without making purchases with pulses.

There are different types of packages offered by filling up the coupon, which are Unlimited, Xtra Combo Lite, Xtra Combo VIP and many more.

The coupon code is usually purchased from the net at prices that vary according to the selected data package.

For those of you who don’t want to bother buying it, don’t worry because we’ll be sharing it with you for free below.

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Free XL Coupon Code 2022 (Internet / Data) Unused

Free XL Coupon Code 2022 Unused
Free XL Coupon Code 2022 Unused

Internet XL coupon code can be easily redeemed via SMS or dial code on your mobile phone. Here is the code:

1. *123*2*1*2*1#

If you use this code, you will get a 12 GB quota (2 GB 24 hours and 10 GB 00-06). To claim this stake, you must use the XL Gaul Edition bundle.

2. *123*11*3#

This code gives you unlimited share of Facebook. With this package, you get access to FB for 30 days for free.

3. *123*4*1#

If you need a phone package abroad, this code can be used and you will get a special package for an unlimited package.

4. *123*4*6*3#

This XL code is used to claim a 30GB quota and free access to Facebook, Instagram, Line and WA.

5. *123*4*1#

Get an additional 3GB quota on your XL Card. Interestingly, this code can be activated with a minimum Rp 0 credit.

6. *123*4*3#

For XL GO Card users, this code can be used to get unlimited internet for free.

7. *123*1*1*1#

You can get daily quota on Facebook for XL Card users. Just enter this calling code on your phone.

Internet XL package voucher code

If the above receipt cannot be used, you can try to use the 16-digit XL share code that is still active.

  • 18295701827581599: active until August 23
  • 74817903710837580: active until September 19
  • 387129739492347975: active until August 18
  • 24787364876327647: active until August 22
  • 76756763457128398: active until August 24

The above code can only be used once, if it fails to replace, maybe someone has used it before or the code has expired.

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How to enter the free Internet coupon code XL?

For those who already have the code, you now have to figure out how to activate it so it can be used for the Internet. Follow these steps:

  1. Rub the back of your XL Coupon with a coin
  2. Open the mobile app on your phone and type *123*234# Press Connect
  3. Now select the option to receive the package by entering the number in front of the list
  4. Type the 16-digit receipt and select Send
  5. Wait a few moments for the SMS notification that the package has been received

How to check free XL coupon code with stake?

Latest Free XL Coupon Code
How to check free XL coupon code with stake

If your XL Coupon is activated, you must check the remaining ration regularly to control so that the use is not wasted.

Of course, the quota will continue to drop while you use it for browsing, streaming or playing online games.

You can directly check the XL Axiata Internet coupon code in the following two ways.

1. How to check XL coupon code with MyXL Apk

The first way you can check your XL Coupon share is by using the MyXL app. Here’s how:

Make sure you have the MyXL app installed on your phone, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or by clicking here.

  1. Open the app and log in with your XL number
  2. Enter the OTP code sent to your number
  3. If you have, you will be directed to the MyXL homepage
  4. You will see some information like remaining balance, remaining stake and promotions
  5. Click on the data plan button to view it in detail

2. How to check XL coupon code using dial code *123*7*1#

This method can be used to check internet quota in XL easily even without internet connection.

  1. Open the mobile app on your phone
  2. Enter the code * 123 * 7 * 1 #
  3. Select the option to check quota
  4. Please select an internet package to be verified and press “OK”
  5. Later, the remaining quota and active period of the package will appear
  6. In addition, you will also receive an SMS from XL with information about the remaining Internet quota

Now that you know how to check internet quota in XL, please use the method which you think is easiest.

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The last word

Here are a number of free XL Coupon Codes that we share for you. Activate the code immediately using the tutorial we shared above.


However, keep in mind that the code may not be valid considering that the provider is always updating the promotion.

Oh yeah, we still have a discussion about free internet on this site. Thank you

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