Funny Go Apk Money Making App News
Funny Go Apk Money Making App News

Funny Go Apk Money Making App News

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Funny Go APK – K-drama fever is already approaching all circles of Indonesian society, especially women.

The drama from the country of ginseng gets a lot of attention by women because the guys sooth their eyes a lot.

In addition to handsome guys, K-drama stories are also very good to watch.

It seems that almost everyone has seen the drama played by these handsome men.

With the popularity of Korean dramas, people have flocked to find online streaming apps so that they can watch the dramas they love.

However, recently an app appeared that claimed to be able to make money while watching Korean dramas.

Of course this is good news for K-drama fans because the app looks very profitable.

In addition to being able to complete the hobby of watching dramas through a single app, users can also make money.

Who does not want to earn just by watching his favorite drama while lying at home.

Moreover, in this period of PPKM, all activities are very limited and it is even recommended that you only be at home.

The name of the app that many people are talking about especially drama lovers is Funny Go Apk.

Some readers may still be unfamiliar with this single money earning app.

So, we will provide complete information about Funny Go money earning app.

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About Funny Go Apk

About Funny Go

It is not surprising that in 2021 we can make money just by launching one app.

There are actually many money making apps that have appeared and attracted the attention of many people to use them.

Even some people may rely on these apps to earn money for their daily needs.

The money earning app has become as attractive as possible with many exciting tasks in it.

Funny Go Apk is one of the latest money source in 2021 which is currently attracting internet users.

Funny Go is a type of money making app that allows users to earn money by watching dramas.

Many people say that the job in Funny Go to earn money is to watch dramas from Korea.

Suddenly, that’s what makes Drakor fans start to look at this app and might be interested to try it out.

Because apart from tempting you with extra income in Funny Go app, we can also watch our favorite dramas.

In addition, this money making app does not implement a deposit system, so we need not hesitate to use it.

So, are you one of those people who are interested in trying to use this Funny Go app?

Download Funny Go Apk

For those who want to try to download this money earning app, you can download it directly through the official website.

The app is already available on Playstore and you can download it directly for free there.

Well, we will provide a download link from Funny Go app so that you don’t have to search for it anymore.

App name funny go
App Size 44 MB
Issuance 1.0.18
Minimum operating system Android 5.0 and above

You can download Funny Go app to earn money directly via the link “over here“.

How to make money on funny go

How to make money on Funny Go

Every money making app must have a task that its users must do to earn money.

It is not difficult to do the tasks in this money earning app because that is the attraction.

Funny Go app itself has the main task of watching videos in the app.

In addition to watching videos, users can also do other tasks such as liking videos, sharing video clips on various social media, and others.

There are also daily tasks that can be done on this app like doing daily check-ins every time you use this app.

Each coin earned from the check-in mission varies according to the level of the day.

When you first register for a Funny Go account, you will get a credit of IDR 100,000 or the equivalent of 1 million points.

But the initial balance we get cannot be exchanged because there is a balance limit for making withdrawals.

We have to collect the coins so that they can be exchanged for IDR 100,000 again before we can withdraw the current balance.

This app can be a money earning app which is mandatory to try as it does not need to spend any capital.

How to register Funny Go APK

How to register an account

If you are interested in using this Funny Go app, please download it via the link we provided.

Before you start working on the current tasks, you must first register an account.

To register a new user account in Funny Go app, it is very easy to do.

You only need to sign up with a Facebook or Google account, and you can choose one of them.

Just by entering the account name and password from your facebook or google account, you have successfully registered for Funny Go account.

After completing the list, you can immediately perform tasks to collect points that can later be exchanged for money.

How to withdraw money in Funny Go

How to withdraw money on Funny Go

If you can collect enough coins and you can make withdrawals.

Then you can make a withdrawal instantly through a bank account or digital wallet like DANA.

Users can withdraw their balance if the funds in the account reach Rs 200,000.

If this number is not reached, the balance in the user’s account cannot be withdrawn at all.

How to withdraw money is also very easy by just opening the application and then selecting the tasks section.

Then click on read exchange and you can choose to exchange the balance in the form of credit or withdraw it to a bank account.

The new balance can be exchanged if your coins reach 2 million coins or the equivalent of 200,000 rupees.

The process of withdrawing money in Funny Go is very easy and fast.

Is funny go safe to use?

Every money earning app just released should always be questioned about the security and correctness of paying for it.

As not all current money earning apps are completely secure and payment proof.

In fact, many app makers are not responsible and commit fraud through the apps they provide.

So is this Funny Go app safe to use as a money earning app?

Funny Go app itself is an app that is claimed to be able to earn money by watching drama missions.

Since this app is still relatively new, not many users have made withdrawals.

But in our opinion this application is safe to use as it does not spend the slightest capital.

The capital to be issued is internet share only because this application is an online application.

So, if you want to try this Funny Go app, you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

You can also watch korean drama clips which may be one of your favorite dramas.


So today’s discussion is about the latest money earning app of 2021, which is Funny Go Apk.

Watch your favorite korean drama and earn money with just one app.

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We hope that this article will be useful to readers, especially those who are looking for information on the above.

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