Google is committed to resolving a copyright dispute in France over online content
Google is committed to resolving a copyright dispute in France over online content

Google is committed to resolving a copyright dispute in France over online content

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Today we talk about Google’s commitment to resolve a copyright dispute in France over online content

Tech giant Google continues to maintain goodwill with news publishers and agencies and to fulfill its commitment to move forward in resolving the issue recently brought in France to copyright claims from various news agencies and news publishers including the names of many big news sources such as AFP and Le Monde , Le Figaro, and libration, as the demand for more revenue by accusing Google of having Internet traffic because of exploiting news experts but not sharing the profits with them in a reasonable way And on this dispute the authorities issued a statement on Tuesday, addressing google, given that the French authorities Maintaining legal regulations, Google surrounds the allegations and pressures google to give a greater share of the profits they make from selling advertising to users. The revenue it generates is very high but it has deprived the news sources and publishers of the share. Stay tuned for more update on

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Alphabet id-owned Google finally agreed and dropped the appeal to avoid contention with legal agencies and issued €500 million, $528 million in damages against the appeal. Facebook is becoming controversial these days but Google guarantees the terms of negotiation because this case will not affect the search page and policies or any kind of modification in the rules. The three-year-old’s appeal was again launched by French news agencies.

Pro-journalism rules calling for more posts from tech giants Google and Facebook, but the rules will be closely scrutinized by European authorities, and as news publishers have argued about Google’s online ad sales were the result of content created by news experts to be denied by news sources via Internet such as google and google profit at a time of declining print sales in the news market as people prefer reading news online more than buying a print copy, and major news agencies such as AFP, Le Monde, Le Figaro and Libration have since announced separate deals with Google confirms this copyright law, the terms of the deal were not disclosed to Google, but a French blog claimed that Google has an agreement with more than 150 press publications.

Google is responding because google has signed many deals with these channels and now it is rejecting all claims and saying it is the search engine responsible for web traffic, the news publisher has involved a large number of internet users in the news site and they are creating their own advertising based revenue, But Google continues to work on signing more agreements with accredited French publishers and news agencies, to support the press in France, Google has agreed to pay $76 million for the release to 121 French news publishers to end the copyright issue.

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