Hakim Stupa is tired of the daily harassment of being called a “car icon”
Hakim Stupa is tired of the daily harassment of being called a “car icon”

Hakim Stupa is tired of the daily harassment of being called a “car icon”

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The famous TikToker name, Haqiem Stopa needs no introduction anymore. Every day there is one story about him that becomes the main topic of conversation among netizens on social media.

Besides the criticism received, it seems that the popularity of the 22-year-old continues to grow and allows him to explain the title of “car icon” bestowed upon him.

By sharing the interview video shared by Mastar, Hakim Stupa informed that he did not need the surname at all because it was given unofficially and he did not receive any payments.

“If you want to take it away, take it… I really don’t want to and can stop calling me the cars icon.
“If you think someone else deserves it…go and give it to someone who deserves it.
“Internet users criticized me as if I formally kissed the car icon, which makes me feel a little angry… but it is not true, there is no salary for what I want to get”, He said.

When asked about the difference after being called an “auto icon,” Hakim replied that he was overwhelmed by all the attention.

Either way, everything that is being done is going wrong and there are more negative responses than positive responses so that they interfere with the work.

‘It’s getting sadder’
“So many things are wrong, I can’t do anything. If we say something wrong, people will argue. It’s okay to scold, but don’t go so far as to insult, I don’t think it’s appropriate”
“Anything I share on social media is bound to have negative comments. So this seems to be a problem. I want to do business, people make mistakes, make YouTube videos wrong. It’s been like that for 4 months,” Overflow.

However, he will never give up on what happened as he has worked from the beginning to develop what he is doing now.

His real name Muhammed Sadri Hakim Jaafar also had time to say that he doesn’t care at all or is ‘torn’ if people hit him, but he never does to his parents who are still alive.

“Hit me, I can take it. Mom and Dad don’t! My parents are still alive. I want to curse my disability, I don’t care, I’m ‘torn’ if you touch my dad,” He said

In the meantime, he also tells Haqi that he is no longer fit to hold the title of “car icon” and if given the opportunity, he will not want to be called anymore.

“We give to the right people. I’m tired of being told. I don’t feel like responding. I have so much to do”
“I can stop calling me a car icon… they make me feel like I have officially accepted it. Although there is no letter, there is no salary either,”

Speaking about his acceptance of criticism, the young man admitted that he was very patient, begging God to give him patience so that it would not affect his mental health.

He admits that he is sad with every criticism he receives but is unable to respond to everything.

“She looks healthy, looks good but eats a lot of heart. People talk about family, about lifestyle, all these things are boring. I find it hard to work”
“Just ask God to calm down.”

At the end of the interview with the source, Hakem gave a small message to the audience there to be careful in writing and speaking because not all of what has been said is true.

“My command, before you judge, say or write, make sure you know the right way and reprimand the right way. Don’t be completely honest. Avoid stories that could invite slander.”

Earlier, the name Haqiem Stopa became the talk of the town after Deputy Minister of National Unity, Wan Ahmed Faisal, described TikToker as an “auto icon”.

Since then, every action he takes has been criticized by netizens, the latest being the case of not having a driver’s license when driving an Audi until he was sued by the authorities.

Source: YouTube Mstar Online (Amin Hazlan), Instagram Haqiem Stopa

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