“He managed to save my mother” – Norsila Sayoung was bitten by a crocodile while hunting with her
“He managed to save my mother” – Norsila Sayoung was bitten by a crocodile while hunting with her

“He managed to save my mother” – Norsila Sayoung was bitten by a crocodile while hunting with her

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KINABATANGAN: A woman has been reported missing after being attacked by a crocodile in an incident in Kampung Tanjung Polat, near here, today.

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In the incident around 3.40pm, victim Norsila Sayong, 32, was reported to have been fishing on the water bank before suddenly being attacked by reptiles.

The head of the Kinabatangan Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), Nur Azlan Shah Jamaluddin, said his party received an emergency call over the case at 3.42pm.

According to information from the victim’s family in the comments section of the Harian Metro Facebook page, he said the victim pushed his mother away before the crocodile attacked her.

“Please pray for my cousin to be found. Earlier I had the opportunity to talk to her sister.. I saved her mother too.. I pushed her mother away from her.. and she was the one who was dragged into the water. God is great please pray for him..” – Nour Hamidah Saeed

Going to the comments section, the average netizen gave the opinion that the number of crocodiles should be reduced for the safety of the local population.

“Relevant departments give permission to hunt crocodiles…Our skins make commodities from menacing humans, and we can also control the crocodile population. That is how dangerous the river is” – Ahmed Fadli

“The affairs of state can now be opened to anyone who wants to hunt crocodiles for skins or something.. The crocodiles on the Borneo side seem so out of control that they disturb the order or chain of life.” – princess abaya

“Sabah/Sarawak should try to reduce the crocodile population by opening the largest selection of hunting permits, marketing leather products, etc… We often read heartbreaking news like this, face it… Imagine young children struggling to get to school, etc. through rivers, kayaking, boating, etc….” – Wan Fauzi

“I wonder why the government is so eager to protect this crocodile. The population must be reduced so that only a few remain. It is not safe for people to be active in the rivers. Sorry for the victim and family. My condolences” – Azman Abdul Ghani

“Alligators should be hunted in every area of ​​the state because they always use humans as victims..maybe the animal’s food chain system is deficient..and this species is aggressive..I hope the department will start reducing the number of crocodiles in areas of the state..
Don’t only hunt those who offended people.. catch them once..wouldn’t the fish be extinct if all the crocodiles died in the river in the country..” – Kamal Rosman

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