Here’s how much you need a Starlink connection
Here’s how much you need a Starlink connection

Here’s how much you need a Starlink connection

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It is only a matter of time before Starlink starts operating in the Philippines. Don’t get your hopes up yet because accessing the service will cost a fortune.

Here's how much you need a Starlink connection

SpaceX and Starlink actress Rebecca Hubert has already confirmed Prices at a press conference with the Department of Information and Communications (DICT).

The Starlink kit, which consists of a satellite dish and a router, will cost $599 or approximately 33,300 Philippine pesos. Meanwhile, the monthly subscription fee will cost $99 or approximately PhP5,500.

“Once it is set up, this dish (via satellite) searches the sky for the strongest satellite signal. We have dozens of satellites over the Philippines at any given time,” DICT Minister Evan John Uwe said.

Starlink is free for remote areas

Fortunately for the residents of remote areas of the Philippines, DICT said it will provide the service for free because the government has the funds available to implement the project under the Free WiFi Program.

“The Broadband ng Masa project is actually related to the Free WiFi project. The challenge has always been these remote areas that don’t have that broadband connection because the carriers find it inappropriate, and it is not feasible for them to make these kinds of investments in those areas,” Uy said.

DICT is already discussing with SpaceX the scope and commercial terms of the project.

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