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5/5 (1) – On this occasion we will provide information about HOW TO BUY COOKING OIL CAREFULLY FOR PROTECTION. People can buy cheap cooking oil using the application care protection or show NIK.

Recently, the government will promote the purchase of cooking oil using the CareLindung app. This trial will enter into force on Monday (27/6/2022).

Through CareLindung, it is claimed that the supervision of the distribution of bulk cooking oil is easier. In addition, Lindumgi care can provide a guarantee of the availability of bulk cooking oil at reasonable prices.

There are several ways to buy bulk cooking oil starting on Monday. A guide to buying cooking oil in bulk for people, there are three ways to buy cooking oil in bulk using the careLindung app.

How to buy bulk cooking oil (MCGR) with Peduli Protect app

First, potential buyers come to retail stores that sell MCGR. A list of retail stores can be found on google or website. Then select the county and district/city, then click on the search market.

Second, scan the QR code at the retailer. Third, show the scanned QR code in the PeduliLindung app.

If the scene results are green, you can buy MCGR. If it is red, it means that you cannot buy MCGR.

Currently, MCGR purchase is limited to a maximum of 10 kg per NIK/day. Meanwhile, MCGR is still sold at the highest retail price of Rs 14,000/L or Rs 15,500/kg.

The Coordinating Department of Economic Affairs Mavis claims that this process will be faster, on target and the public will certainly have access to bulk cooking oil (MGCR).

Then, what if the buyer or consumer does not have Pedulilindungi. In order to be able to buy cooking oil in bulk, buyers just need to show their ID to the merchant.

The retailer will record the Population Identification Number (NIK) listed on the KTP. Moreover, consumers can also purchase MCGR. For information, the highest applicable retail price (HET) is Rs 14,000/L or Rs 15,500/kg.

Consumers only need to bring a device or communication device with the registered Peduli Protect app installed. If the consumer does not have a Cares Protect app, the consumer only needs to bring their Resident Identification Number.

MCGR can be found in shops, kiosks, or kiosks with a “cooking oil wholesaler” QR code. The seller’s website itself can be reached through the official website to find out the nearest point of the seller in the area where he lives.

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