How to change the language in Google Classroom on a smartphone
How to change the language in Google Classroom on a smartphone

How to change the language in Google Classroom on a smartphone

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Google Classroom is an application used to support teaching and learning activities lately. This app is made by Google which comes from the US and of course in English originally. But there is a way to change the language in Google Classroom to try it out for those who understand it.

How to change the language in the classroom

Google Classroom has a default language that follows the language used by the machine that opens the google classroom. If the device used is in English, Classroom will follow. Similarly, if another language is used, the result will be the same.

1. Change the language of the classroom through the system settings

The first method that can be done for how to change the language in Google Classroom is to make changes in the settings. Each smartphone definitely uses a different language according to the owner’s wishes.

But it is not uncommon for people to leave the settings in English with the factory default settings. So if you want to change the language in the classroom, the first thing you need to do is to change the language in the smartphone settings. This method is as follows:

  • First method, first open the Settings or Settings menu on the mobile phone.
  • Look for the menu that says Language and Input.
  • Select the desired language type to taste.
  • If the desired language is found, select it.
  • The language in all smartphones will change to the selected language
  • Likewise, when entering a class, the selected language will replace the previous language in Classroom.

2. Change the language of the classroom through a Google account

Google Classroom can be installed on a smartphone easily and can be used smoothly because it is lightweight. So this app does not take up much space in storage. Although light, the available features are quite a lot and help to learn.

The language of the app on this smartphone will follow the language used in the connected google account. So from here it can be seen that a Google account is very important. So follow these steps:

  • Install the class on the smartphone that will be used.
  • Open the pre-installed app and sign in with your existing Google account.
  • If you have entered the main page, please click on the profile in the upper right corner.
  • There the users can manage their Google account and choose the data and personalization menu if it is in Indonesian.
  • Or if it is in English, the menu is called Data and Personalization.
  • Select the language and select the desired language.
  • Once selected and reset, the entire screen will change to the desired language.
  • This includes the classroom menu that follows the settings in your Google Account.

Why should you change the language of Google Classroom

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Google Classroom usage has increased quite a bit in recent years. It is proven by many schools or universities that they use it as a way to share educational materials. Its features are also very useful for supporting activities.

But what’s the point if you can’t use the app because you don’t understand the language used. Using lists in a class will be easier if you understand what a list does.

The list searches for its function by the name of the list. For example, the settings menu, surely means the menu in which there is a place to set what is in the application. So the list name obviously describes the function and what it actually contains.

This is how to change the language in Google Classroom on your smartphone easily and quickly. For those who are still having trouble changing it through system settings, also try changing it through Google account settings.

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