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Want to get diamonds by exchanging coins Bitsim Diamond FF ? You can find this out easily in the article we are going to review.

Free Fire is a very fun discussion game. We already know that this game has a lot of fans and they definitely make it a daily routine.

When you play it, of course you will feel addicted to it. This is because you can play with friends.

diamond betsim ff

Not only that, but you will always meet and compete with other players. This is where you can determine who is the greatest.

Moreover, this game is already being played by many users ranging from children to adults. However, this game is well known as bocil game.

This game is already growing and many fans. To please the players, Garena as a publisher surely offers several recent hacks.

The thing that delights survivors (as FF players are called) is that there are different kinds of cool skins in it. Who is not tempted by everything and you can have it.

Lots of cool items like packs, bags, skins, and characters. You can get it for free or even buy it with diamonds.

You can get FF diamonds by adding diamonds or get them for free from a Garena event. But you don’t need to top up, because the Betsim Diamond FF app can do it.

You may be interested in how this app works. For more details, see our Betsim Diamond FF review below.

What is the Betsim Net FF app?

betsim nett ff app is one of the site that provides free ff diamonds which is currently very popular among FF players.

Who wouldn’t want to be a sultan with an abundance of diamonds. This way, you can buy different items like skins or cool packs.

In fact, there are many ways that can be done to get a lot of diamonds. Even cheat methods, such as using diamond production apps like Diamond FF Free 10000 APK.

Exchange Bitsim coins for diamonds and beyond

Cheating methods are strictly prohibited of course, it may lead to your account being banned. Then what about betsim net ff apk?

Take it easy, because this application offers a fairly secure system, where you collect some type of coins, namely Bycoins. Then you exchange betsim ff coins for diamonds.

There are many tasks you can do like taking quizzes and watching videos to invite your friends with referral code.

Actually, it’s not just FF diamonds, because this app also offers PUBG Mobile UC that you can exchange for binary coins. This makes the app perfect.

Betsim Diamond FF App Download Link

Unlike apps that offer diamonds for free. This app is very safe and you can download it from Google Play Store.

There is no need to doubt its security because there are a very large number of users of this application. This app has actually been downloaded millions of times.

Noun : Betsim Diamond FF APK
size : 22MB
Dave : Ospisoft
Issuance :
The operating system : Android 5.1 or higher

How to install Betsim Diamond FF

After downloading, you might be confused about how to install this app. But don’t worry, because we have shared the steps of how to install this application file.

  • First step, please download the Betsim Diamond FF app first on the above link.
  • Before installation, you turn on Unknown sources in the phone settings.
  • How to follow as below Settings -> Apps and notifications -> advanced -> Exclusive access to the app -> Install unknown apps (Marker).
  • Next, select the apk file and install it. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Open the app and please run different tasks to replace it with Diamond ff.
  • he did.

How to use Betsim Diamond FF app

In the Betsim Diamond FF app, there are many ways to get coins. To be able to get Free Fire diamonds, follow the steps below.

  • Log in with your Google, FB or Twitter account, then you will enter the main screen.
  • Next, select the three-line menu in the upper right corner and select Get more bycoinsIn order to get coins.
  • You are also presented with a number of videos to watch. Watch the full video to earn coins on Betsim.
  • In addition, you can use the betsim redemption code to get coins. Get 500 free coins by clicking the button food menuthen select Code redemption. Then enter the following recovery code”BWgMysYou can also share the redemption code with other people to be able to receive 500 Betsim coins.
  • You can also click the menu button and select play and win To be able to earn coins in gameplay missions. Play the game to get a huge amount of Betsim coins.

After you understand how to use this app and your coins have been collected, you can make exchanges.

How to redeem betsim points for diamonds and ff

Here you can exchange it for diamond free fire. We will share the steps outlined below.

  • The first step, please open the browser and then type the url “ “
  • After entering the site page, you log in with your Betsim account.
  • After that, you can search for gifts that you want to exchange for binary currencies, for example Diamond Free Fire
  • Locate “recover” From free fire diamonds.
  • The last step, press the button “recoveragain and press the buttonemphasis“In order to be able to exchange coins for available diamonds.
  • he did.

You got Diamond and next step you can unlock FF game. Please spend diamonds by purchasing different items such as epic skins.

Tips from us If you want to claim, you can do it at night. This way, you will be smooth in the process of claiming diamonds.

FF Diamond Prize / Betsim Net Coin Prize

Those who are new to using this app may not know what is the exchange rate of Bycoins to Diamond FF. Here we are going to share a list of FF Diamond Awards.

Diamond FF Bitsim coin
200 Diamond FF 170,000 Bitsim coins
420 diamond FF 260,000 Bitsim coins
620 diamond FF 560,000 Bitsim coins
1.040 FF . diamond 860,000 Bitsim coins
2.100 FF . Diamonds 1,450,000 Bitsim coins
4.360 FF . Diamonds 3,100.000 Bitsim coins


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