How to Create a Spotify Pie Chart on Instagram and TikTok
How to Create a Spotify Pie Chart on Instagram and TikTok

How to Create a Spotify Pie Chart on Instagram and TikTok

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Are you a loyal user of Spotify music app? If so, you can create one of the videos currently popular on Instagram and TikTok, which is Spotify Pie. In simple terms, Spotify Pie will display a pie chart containing your chart of songs in the Spotify app. All songs will be grouped by song type.

Spotify Pay . Chart

To be able to make Spotify Pie very easy and fast, we don’t need to download or use any additional apps. It is enough to take advantage of Spotify Pie using a browser app on Android or iPhone devices. And to convert your Spotify pie chart into a video, you need to use a screen video recorder app on your device.

how to make spotify pie chart

1. First make sure you have an active Spotify account and have a history of the songs you usually listen to using Spotify.

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2. Now, just open one of the browser apps installed on your Android or iPhone HP device. Then go to Spotify Pie

3. Select the button Sign in to Spotify To log in to the Spotify Pie website with your Spotify account. You can sign in with the app you are using, and by the way here the author is using a Google account.

How to make Spotify Pie Chart Figure 1

4. Next, you will be directed to the information page for using your Stotify account on the Spotify Pie website. Later, Spotify Pie can see your Spotify account data and the activities you do in the Spotify app. At the bottom of the page, it will appear Profile picture and username of your Spotify account. When this is correct, press agree. However, if you are not the profile picture and username, then click on the link Not you?.

How to make Spotify Pie Chart Figure 2

5. This is more or less what Spotify Pie looks like. Spotify Pie is a pie chart that shows your song history in the Spotify app. The pie chart contains a bunch of song types marked in different colors. Click on a color to see the type of song.

How to make Spotify Pie Chart Figure 3

6. To share Spotify Pie on Instagram or TikTok, you need to use a video recorder app to record the Spotify Pie chart installed on your Android device.


How? Spotify pie is not easy to make. After registering Spotify Pie, you can directly share Spotify Pie to Instagram and TikTok accounts. Don’t forget to add text and music to make your Spotify Pie videos more interesting.

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