How to Create and Play Best Android Games Offline
How to Create and Play Best Android Games Offline

How to Create and Play Best Android Games Offline

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How to make games on Android devices, perhaps many people will be curious about this process? That is why this article will explain it to you in full.

Playing games online and offline is very fun. The best offline and online Android games 2019 are already able to eliminate fatigue. In fact, according to research it can also affect brain performance. Nowadays, there are a lot of games that different groups like. These games include PUBG and Mobile Legend. Both games include games with big names.

Despite the popularity, there are some things you don’t get of course. If you want a game to your liking, try starting one yourself. Have you ever thought how to make games with Android? This time it will be thoroughly reviewed on how to build android games and run on popular android games.

How to make games on Android devices

How to make android games
How to make android games

Most people think that making a game requires special skills. For large application developers, special specifications are needed, especially in terms of coding.

However, there is a special strategy to be able to make games without having to master programming skills. The easiest way is to use multiple apps. Here are some of the apps and how to make games on Android devices:

1. AppsGeyser

This application is an application maker that can be used quickly and with a simple process. The entire manufacturing process with this app requires absolutely no coding. This application can not only be used to create games but other applications can also be used.

The first step in making a game is to open the appsgeyser website. The recommended browser for opening websites is Chrome. If not, you can use another browser. After logging in to the site, type and select a keyword game to display in the search field. There are many game options offered, including puzzles, mahjong, quizzes, and flappy.

For example, you want to make a flappy-type toy. You can replace or arrange objects in the game. If you are having trouble understanding how to make an Android game, here is a game demo that will make it easy for you.

After the settings are completed, click “Next” and enter the name of the game with the description. If you want to change the icon, select the custom icon icon and then click Create. Register your account by entering your email. After entering the dashboard, download the created application.

2. Aplikasi Draw Your Game

This application is unique in that it allows you to create games on HVS paper. There are 4 colors that can be used for drawing. To get started, first try the Draw Your Game app. Next, draw the world you want on the HVS paper. The use of colors cannot be free because there are special provisions on how to create android games.

Black is used to paint the floor and walls. The green color is used to make the trampoline while the blue color depicts the objects that move after touching them. Red is used for dangerous things.

When you’re done drawing, open the app and click Create. Follow all the instructions mentioned until the OK button appears. Then click the picture option to take a picture directly. Place your character in the game at the desired starting point and then click the play button. Play the game however you like.

How to play Android games on PC

How to play android games on PC
How to play android games on PC

The games available on Android are very diverse. In fact, with the ease of creating Android games, there are more options. However, sometimes playing games on mobile phones is not satisfactory, for example, because the screen is relatively small.

Of course, the feel is very different from playing games on a wide screen computer. In addition, the quality of the graphics is also higher. To end wondering how to play android games on PC, let’s see what are the emulators for playing android games on PC.

1. Nox Emulator

Playing Android games on PC is easy, but one thing must be required, which is the emulator. There are many emulators that can be used, namely Nox. Nox is one of the best PC emulators. This app can be downloaded for free and the way to play android games on PC with Nox is very easy.

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Nitrogen oxides are used more often because they tend to be lighter. Many bluestacks users are rejected because of the advantages of Nox. In addition, Nox makes it easy for users to add special utilities and hardware in playing games. The appearance of this app is also very popular because it looks simple. The features are also easy to use.

2. Andy Emulator

The emulator is one of the best emulators at the moment. Andy emulator has the advantage of being able to fully support the interface. In fact, you can use your phone as a controller by connecting via Wifi or Bluetooth connection. With the way you play android games on PC, of ​​course it feels more stable.

3. Genymotion Emulator

This emulator is a fairly light application. If you have a PC with low specifications, this emulator is highly recommended. Another advantage of playing Android games on PC with Genymotion is that there are features available for developers to test games and other apps on different devices. Of course this is very handy if the type of device you want to try is limited.

Best Android Offline Games of 2019

Best Android Offline Games of 2019
Best Android Offline Games of 2019

This time, we are going to discuss some of the best offline Android games in 2019. Here are the ones you can choose from

1. Bird nebulizer

This game is similar to Flappy Bird. What makes this game even more exciting is that it is made by Indonesian children. There are 3 types of birds in this game with different characters. You will be asked to pass each obstacle well. Obstacles in the form of tubes. The three birds must be carried over the obstacles without falling.

2. sniper fire

Do you like playing combat-style games? Just try this one game This game is highly recommended for those of you who love to play games with shooting items. With the best offline android game of 2019 you will feel the feeling of being a sniper or a sniper. With offline mode, the game will be much smoother and you will not stutter. The game will continue even if there is no stake and the minimum will occur again.

Another thrill is the ability to use a variety of weapons to carry out missions in the game. If the mission is passed well, you can add your own set of weapons. There is a rating system in this one game. So, race until you get the best rating and reach more weapons.

3. Lara Croft Remnant Run

This game is based on the movie of the same name. Through this game, you will be invited to adventure in an exciting world. The adventures in the game take place using bicycles and surfing. You are also required to shoot every enemy that appears.

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These are the ins and outs of android games, from making games and how to play android games on PC to the list of best offline android games in 2019. If you get references just apply how to make android games according to your desires.

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