How to download the latest version of FM WhatsApp 2022
How to download the latest version of FM WhatsApp 2022

How to download the latest version of FM WhatsApp 2022

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Text.droppbuy.comHow to download the latest version of FM WhatsApp 2022. See you again with me who will provide interesting information for all of you.

If you are looking for a WA Mod that has a lot of interesting features that the original WhatsApp does not have, then FM WhatsApp can be an option. A mistake or the best WA Mod can facilitate your desire to have a completely different experience in using the WhatsApp application.

Although it was developed by a third-party developer, FM WA still has a lot of users. Well, this is nothing else because this app is enough to do some user activities. Here is a full explanation that I will provide below.

Well, as I explained to all of you, many people use FM WhatsApp because it has a variety of interesting features. With the features it has. As a user, you will get many options that the original WhatsApp application does not have.

1. Hide last seen status

Last seen status also works as a flag when you were last online or opened WhatsApp. However, this recently seen case is disturbing your privacy as a user.

Therefore, FM WA app allows you to hide the last status. Thus, the recently seen status that was previously visible to others is currently invisible.

2. Hide display on status

Another feature of FM WhatsApp that can be used as privacy is that it can hide display on status. Regarding you, of course, you want to see other people’s status, but you don’t want the status loader to see it.

With this feature, you will not appear in the list of people who made the status even though you watched it. Well, this will definitely make your privacy more vigilant.

3. Clear the ‘Forward’ status

The “Forward” status will appear if you forward a message to a group or to another person. Thus, the message will be as you wrote it yourself, even though the message is caused by a redirect from another user.

4. Anti delete messages status dan

Status on WhatsApp will improve if more than 24 hours have passed after posting. But if you are using WhatsApp FM app, you can still see the status of people who have been deleted for 24 hours.

As with deleted messages, you will also be able to view messages, even if the message has been deleted by someone else. These features will be one of the main features of the FM WhatsApp app.

5. Disable the video calling feature

Sometimes you may feel annoyed if you get a video call with your camera, it is safe to chat or just make a phone call. Using the FM WhatsApp application. You can turn off the video call feature.

If necessary again, you can also reactivate this video call feature in the Settings menu.

How to download FM WhatsApp App

Well, if you are still confused about how to download FM WhatsApp app, then you can see the review that I am going to give you below.

I will also give you a download link, so that it is easy for you to download it using the link I will provide.

App name FM WhatsApp
updated April 9, 2021
App Size 45.79 m
new copy 8.86

Well, you can click on the download link I provided above, then you will find it easier by clicking on the link provided.

The last word

Well, this is all the information I can give you all about the FM app The WhatsApp. We hope that the information I provide will be more useful to all of you.

And don’t forget to always support my website, because thanks to your support I will be more excited to always share information with you.

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