How to fix a completely dead fan [Tidak Berputar Sama Sekali]
How to fix a completely dead fan [Tidak Berputar Sama Sekali]

How to fix a completely dead fan [Tidak Berputar Sama Sekali]

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How to fix a completely dead fan [Tidak Berputar Sama Sekali] – The article I am going to share this time is my personal experience regarding repairing a completely dead fan. The fan is an indispensable electronic device, for those who have not used air conditioners, fans are really needed, especially in the regions of Indonesia that have high temperatures, so having this fan is really very useful, but when the time comes when the electronic device has problems or damage, There are different reasons.

There are many brands of fans spread in Indonesia, although the fan has a different brand but the working principle is not much different. For fan problem. What I experienced this time was that the fan was completely dead.

Repair steps Before disassembly, make sure the fan is without power supply.

The first thing I did until the fan died completely/totally was to check the power cable for breakage, to check it was placed on the multimeter/Avo, but when I checked the cable didn’t break (unless the cable is disconnected again or replaced with a new one).

Next, check the fan rotation speed setting button board, to check this use a Multimeter/Avo meter too, check each cable connected to the board, usually 2-3 cables are available to the fan dynamo and one cable is coming from the electrical current source.

How to check it Put the switch of the AVO gauge on x1 or x10, connect the probe to each cable that goes to the dynamo in turn. If the needle moves to the right, then the connection is available, then the fan is still good.

Except for the needle not moving, it means that something is broken/broken in the coil section, and it could be damaged/broken from the thermal fuse/fuse section or it could be in the coil chain section.

After checking, it turns out that there is still some unconnected/accessible connecting to the board, it is possible that something has cut the dynamo coil, then the dynamo unscrewed immediately.

The first thing to measure is the thermal fuse/fuses that are usually found on a dynamo, to be precise, attached to the dynamo body.

HOW TO TEST THE THERMOPHOUSE WITH A MULTIMETER/AVO By setting the switch position to x1 or x10, immediately place the two probes against each leg of the thermofuse.

Unless the needle moves, the thermal valve is almost certainly damaged/broken, and it is necessary to replace it with a new one.

But if the new thermophosp is different, because the shop does not find thermophosic 2a, just use a little current above it, ie 3a and the shape is also different, but it can still be used / tampered with.

Thermofuses can be purchased at electronics component stores at prices ranging from Rp.3000 to 3a

New thermofuse, needle moves to the right indicating that the thermofuse is good, it can be used/installed by cutting off the stem of the old thermofuse, then soldering it to the new one.

After replacing the thermal valve with a new one, cut the dynamo and reinstall it by locking the bolts.

Then check for weak, damaged or dead capacitors or capacitors will cause the fan to spin slowly.

This fan capacitor is usually black box shaped and located behind the dynamo. To determine if the capacitor is damaged, it usually bulges, swells or explodes, unless it is a damaged capacitor, replace it with a new one immediately.

But sometimes the physical form is also not standard, so measure the capacitor.

After checking all the components, maybe only the thermal valve is damaged and the thermal valve has been replaced with a new one, then test the fan immediately by plugging in the mains to turn on the fan and the fan will be back to normal.

Thus the article on repairing a completely dead fan, hopefully useful and able to increase readers’ insight, can be practiced and successful. However, be careful when performing the restoration because the current used is the current from the PLN source.

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